RompHim: Would You Get A Bro Romper For Your Guy Like Cam Newton?

Rompers for men? That's right -- the mid-thigh onesie for guys is totally breaking the internet, all thanks to the RompHim kickstarter -- but with brands releasing their own versions and celebs suiting up in the look, it raises the question: would you let your guy rock a bro romper?

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Now more than ever before we’re seeing gender-neutral fashion and while some trends work so well on both guys and girls, (like athleisure and dad hats), the romper was never a silhouette we deemed unisex…that is, until now. Sure, the easy short onesie is a quintessential summer staple in our wardrobes, but come Summer 2017 you can expect to see a bunch of bros at the beach bar rocking their very own version of the trend. We’re all about borrowing from the boys and now it looks like the fellas are taking a few fashion tips from the females.

Enter the RompHim kickstarter. Launched by four business school students, their fundraising project already exceeded funding, raising $231,595, which far surpassed their original $10,000 goal. So, what exactly is the Romp Him? “Is it a romper designed for men? Sure. But it’s also pretty damn comfortable, and it may just be the start of a fashion revolution,” their site reads.

Mere days after the RompHim broke the internet and we were introduced to the bro romper, Reebok got on board and released their very own male romper, called the ReeRomp — it’s only a matter of time before brands follow suit. Not only are brands clearly here for the trend, but so is the stylish celeb set. Always on the forefront of setting trends, Cam Newton recently rocked a floral bro romper at the Coachella Music & Arts Festival in April, opting for a look from SCORE Retail Lounge and Sweets Bar, all while proving to guys everywhere the male romper is totally happening. Now, to be fair this isn’t actually the first time we’re being introduced to the silhouette. As a matter of fact, Sean Connery rocked a dapper version in the 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger, when he wore a zipped-up, blue terry-cloth romper. Hey, if it’s cool enough for Bond…

We have to admit, the Kickstarter campaign is totally entertaining…and it’s exactly what we expect to see obnoxious, frat dudes everywhere suiting up in before posing for brotastic Instagram shots at summer BBQs and on bachelor parties — but what do you think of the trend? Does the look scream desperate, obnoxious fashion victim or ensemble-y gifted? Do you find the bro romper attractive?

Who knows…maybe the bro romper is the silhouette the world didn’t even know we needed — but while we’re all about innovative fashion, can we get a pee-friendly silhouette for the ladies? Check out the endless inspiration behind the male romper above and let us know.

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