McKayla Maroney Wants To ‘Break Down’ Gymnast Stereotypes With More Racy Pics

McKayla Maroney shocked fans after she showed off her sexy side in revealing photos, but that's just the beginning HollywoodLife has EXCLUSIVELY learned! You'll be surprised by the former Olympian's plans to break away from her past!

McKayla Maroney
Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

McKayla Maroney has decided she’s DONE with being the cute young gymnast from the 2012 Olympics. “She wants to get out of the shell that people have placed on her with the Olympics and being a meme,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “She wants to be known for so much more.” The 21 year-old gold medal winner caught her followers by surprise when she started sharing some super sexy photos of herself in a black thong and racy red tank top. McKayla fans should reportedly get used to this new side of her because it’s here to stay!

“Along with a career in singing and being an entertainer, she wants to be looked at as sexy which usually isn’t the case for Olympic gymnasts,” the insider continued. “She wants to break some stereotypes, be carefree and live a life that isn’t as structured as an Olympic athlete is accustomed to.” McKayla reportedly has decided to embrace her gymnast body and have some fun. “She’s 21,” the source told us, “and [she] wants to take advantage of being young, wild and free and if it takes showing of her booty then plan to see it more in the future.”

McKayla Maroney Not Impressed Over Butt... by Hollywoodlife

McKayla has already owned her sultry look and defended her choice to post the sexy photo after people thought she got hacked. “I didn’t get hacked. Unfollow if you need to. All love,” she shared on Twitter. “Hey, I’m just doing me. If you want me to be a role model so bad, get inspired by how I give zero f**ks and go do you. Not everyone’s gonna like you, but if you stay true to yourself they might just respect you.” You have got to give McKayla props for handling the situation so well. You go, girl!

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