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‘Dirty Dancing’: Famous Watermelon Scene Is Uncomfortably Sexual In Remake — Watch

Brace yourself -- Baby and Johnny grind for the first time in this new clip from the 'Dirty Dancing' remake, and it may be the most uncomfortable thing I've ever seen.

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Abigail Breslin Colt Prattes
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“I carried his watermelon,” Baby (Abigail Breslin) says to Johnny (Colt Prattes) in Dirty Dancing, just as she did in the original film. In the scene, Baby is where she doesn’t belong, the bunkhouse. “Do me a favor baby, carry your own watermelon next time. Bunkhouse is staff only,” Johnny says to her. With that, he slides away, picking up another dancer and twirling her around the dance floor. Oh it gets even more awkward from there.

When Baby awkwardly starts walking away, Johnny starts singing “Do You Love Me” to her, and pulls her in close for a seriously sexual dance. Of course this is the kind of dancing they did in the original 1987 film; the late Patrick Swayze made all the right moves to Jennifer Gray. However, for Colt and Abigail, it seemed a little more… creepy?

Abigail revealed that it was actually extremely tough for her to get the dancing down — luckily she had eight weeks of rehearsals. “I was like, ‘Ugh, I want to be like Baby. I want to dance like that. But I’m the most uncoordinated human being on the face of the Earth, so it didn’t seem like a likely scenario for me,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I was terrified,” she added about doing the lift the first time. “I could, like, feel my heart racing so much. And then when I was up there and we held it, I was just like, ‘Ahhh! I did it. I’m here.'”

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The three-hour musical event airs on ABC on May 24. HollywoodLifers, what do you think of the new watermelon scene?