‘The Challenge: Invasion’ Finale: Will CT Ever Return To The Game After That Ending?

Warning: spoilers about 'The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions' below. If you haven't watched the finale yet, prepare yourself to find out who won!

In the final moments of The Challenge: InvasionChris “CT” Tamburello proved that once again, he is the champ! After adding up all the times and factoring in the penalties, CT and Ashley were the two winners! HollywoodLife.com caught up with winners of this season to talk all things Invasion, and to find out what’s next.

Besides winning, which we’ll get to — how’d this season feel?
CT: It feels good. When I came on to this Challenge, I came on for my son. I knew that time was going to come that he’d know his old man was on TV. “Do as I say, not as I do” doesn’t work on a teenager; it didn’t work on me. So I wanted to come on this show because I wanted him to see me today. At the same time, I wanted to come on now; I didn’t want my Challenge career to end the way it did — I felt like it was cut short. To be able to come on this one, I felt like I was doing it for the right reasons.

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So winning was extra.
CT: I felt like mission accomplished by the way I carried myself. I carried myself the way I’d want him to carry himself. At the finale, I felt myself getting stronger again. I was standing on my own feet again. It helped me on a number of different levels. At the final, I was so happy to be there. I felt, now it was about me. I wanted to prove to myself that I could cross that finish line one more time. I didn’t want to know the score, who was ahead, I just wanted to bust my butt — just get across that line and I was ok with whatever the outcome was. When I won, it was the best feeling in the world.

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Ashley, you never gave up! How’d you keep going?
Ashley: I came to the seaosn knowing I was gonna win. I didn’t know how it was gonna happen, I knew I wasn’t physically the strongest. I wrote it in my book every day, like “TJ Lavin: Ashley, you got it done.” “Winner of challenge 29,” “Winner of the Invasion.” I really believed it. I believe in the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction. I was doing it for more than just me — there’s a lot going on at home, and it was nice to just win one for the team because my family’s a team. My family’s going through a lot and it was cool to take the win home.

So will you be back on The Challenge:
CT: Never say never. I say to myself,”I’m never gonna do another one!” And then I come on…. and the way this ended, there’s really nothing else left for me to prove. So like, I should say “Drop the mic, I’m out,” right? But never say never!
Ashley: Whats The Challenge without CT?
CT: It takes hard work to get this Dad bod.
Ashley: My feet are warm. I’m not gonna spend my money until I win another one. I’m not ready for next season… but you can’t stop me. CT wasn’t ready and he kicks everyones ass! I’m just starting.

HollywoodLifers, were you happy with the winners?

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