‘Happily Ever After’ Finale Recap: Emily’s Rushed To Hospital Before Dance Auditions

The 'Happily Ever After' season finale was filled with jaw-dropping moments on May 8! The twins were hard at work in preparation for their LA Rams audition! But, things got crazy when Emily had to be taken to the hospital. And, Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell showed up!

The Twins Happily Ever After
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Emily and Haley Ferguson started the season 2 finale of Happily Ever After with a major scare on May 8. Emily was crying hysterically in her bed and she couldn’t move because she threw her back out. The girls had been practicing so hard for their LA Rams audition, that Emily just pushed herself too hard.

After they went to see a doctor, the twins discovered that Emily’s scoliosis had gotten worse. Both Emily and Haley have it. [Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine. It can cause major back pain, and it can require surgery if the curve hits a certain degree]. Luckily, the girls didn’t need surgery, but their doctor said that it needed to be monitored. And, he told Emily that the stress from her upcoming audition was an added factor to her back pain.

When Emily felt better, it was time for the girls to cram in some practice sessions before their big day. They dressed up in drag with their landlord, Willam [per usual]. In the end, Willam told them to “channel their inner drag queen,” when they went to their auditions. And, they even got a pep talk and acupuncture from David Hasselhoff. Yes, they’re still working for him. When the girls wanted to quit, David told them to never give up on their dreams. It was actually a beautiful moment…

So, their final stage of preparation were dance classes with one of the LA Rams instructors. Their goal was to nail a triple pirouette during a routine. However, they weren’t that great at first. But, after they put in some hard word, they were actually SO good!

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When it was finally time for the girls to try out, their mother, Jill and Willam surprised them! AND, the girls made it past the first round! Then, it was time for the second round, which determined who would make it to the finals. The girls did great, but they forgot some of the moves. However, they made it to the finals!

Since it was the finale, the girls wanted to treat Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell to a fancy dinner. So, when they all sat down Haley confessed that she wanted to jump off of the Stratosphere; something that she failed to do in the beginning of the season. And, she did it! It was so emotional for her.

Before the final episode ended, the show jumped to 50 years later, where the girls admitted that the never made the LA Rams dance squad. So sad. But, they said they had no regrets. Emily and Haley admitted that their true calling was to make people laugh.

HollywoodLifers, did you enjoy how the second season ended?

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