‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Hook & Emma Get Married In Magical Musical Episode

Hook and Emma are finally getting married! Captain Swan finally tied the knot on the May 7 episode of 'Once Upon A Time,' which also happened to be the highly-anticipated musical episode. This 'OUAT' ep is one we won't soon forget!

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Back in the Enchanted Forest the Dark Curse, Snow doesn’t think there was any way to stop the Evil Queen and protect Emma. Snow decides to wish upon a star to give Emma a happy ending and it works! When she wakes up, everything she says comes out in song. Charming runs in singing, too. They realize that love expressed through song is a weapon that the Evil Queen has never seen before. They sing their song, “Powerful Magic,” and it’s a total Disney ballad.

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It’s safe to say that Regina is not a fan of the singing, but she performs her own rock-inspired solo, “Love Doesn’t Stand a Chance.” Snow and Charming go looking for Hook. They want him to take them to the Evil Queen so they can save Emma. Hook sings with his pirates about revenge and such. The song is a total jam. He makes a deal with them in exchange for Rumple’s head. The Evil Queen pays Rumple a visit in the jail. He’s practically the only one not singing. Zelena watches Regina’s failures and breaks out into song in Oz.

Snow and Charming confront the Evil Queen. There’s a sing-off, but the Evil Queen ends up taking their song away. Back at their castle, the Blue Fairy shows up. She’s the one who granted Snow’s wish. She reveals the Evil Queen didn’t take their song away, but they were never meant to defeat the Evil Queen with it. Emma will use it one day to save her family and friends.

A Wedding & A Final Battle

Emma’s putting the final touches on her wedding, and that includes deciding on a wedding dress. A very excited Snow reveals that Belle found her wedding dress in the back of Rumple’s shop. Emma says she’ll wear it! The dress arrives, but when Emma touches the dress, it turns to black. The Black Fairy pops in just to ruin Emma’s day. She asks Emma if she wants to surrender and not fight the final battle. There’s no way Emma is letting the Black Fairy win, and she lets the Black Fairy know it. The Black Fairy doesn’t care that Emma is getting married, the final battle will happen.

Emma, Snow, Regina, and Zelena go to the clock tower, and there’s a ton of black fairy dust swirling about. The moment the clock strikes 6 p.m., the dust will be released. That’s the time Hook and Emma are supposed to be getting married.

Meanwhile, Hook’s trying to figure out what he’s going to wear. He’s not a fan of the white tuxedo. Emma comes to see him on his boat, even though it’s bad luck. She lets him know that Rumple didn’t banish the Black Fairy. Emma has to fight the Black Fairy alone. Hook doesn’t want Emma to do any of that by herself, Emma doesn’t want anyone she loves getting hurt. This is her goodbye to Hook in case she doesn’t succeed. “I love you,” she says to Hook before walking away.

Hook runs to Rumple’s shop to confront Rumple. He can’t believe Rumple has betrayed them again. Rumple says he only did what he had to do to protect his family. Well, Hook doesn’t care about Rumple’s excuse. He shoots Rumple with an arrow of dreamshade to knock him out. Hook vows to take Rumple’s mother down and then “skin himself a crocodile.” But the Black Fairy arrives to stir up trouble.

The Power Of Song

Henry tell Emma that she’s doing the right thing by fighting the Black Fairy. It’s why he brought Emma to Storybrooke. He finds Emma’s recorder and plays the tape of Emma’s voice. She doesn’t want to listen to it because it reminds her of a time when she was completely alone. That time was 1991 when she was practicing for a talent show. One of her foster sisters came in and told she’d always be alone in this world.

Regina, with Zelena’s help, finds a way to stop the curse from happening — by freezing time. Unfortunately, Rumple grabs the potion and decides to freeze Emma’s loved ones. Emma goes to the Black Fairy ready to fight, but her powers are gone. The Black Fairy’s attempts to make Emma feel as if she’s alone begin to work. Thankfully, Henry is still around. He knows his mom can save everyone. Emma believes the only way may be to give the Black Fairy her heart.

While Emma runs off the Black Fairy, Henry spots a page out of the storybook, the one that shows the Blue Fairy giving Emma the power of song. Emma’s not alone. She never was!

Emma allows the Black Fairy to rip out her heart, but the Black Fairy can’t crush it. Henry rushes to Emma’s side and tells her that Snow and David’s song has been inside of her forever. Emma sings her special song, and her voices breaks the spell. Emma may have won this battle, but the Black Fairy warns that the finale battle and curse are still coming.

A Married Captain Swan Sets Sail

But forget about the Black Fairy for a hot minute, it’s time for Hook and Emma’s wedding! Snow and David walk Emma down the aisle. She’s wearing the most gorgeous wedding dress ever. Emma and Hook exchange vows, and they’ll melt your heart.

“They say that a captain’s heart belongs to his ship, but with this ring, it now belongs to you,” Hook says. Emma tells him, “Just because you learn that you come from true love, doesn’t mean you believe you’ll ever find it. But thanks to you, now I have.”

They dance their first dance as a married couple and sing together about a happy beginning. Hook and Emma finally have their happy ending. What a magical moment. But the Black Fairy makes good on her word. The clock strikes 6 and the curse starts to spread. Despite this, Emma knows that they’ll win the final battle — together.

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