Cardi B Livid After Amber Rose Packs On PDA With Her BF Offset? See Her Scathing Tirade

Look out Amber Rose! Cardi B goes off in a video after Offset was spotted with Amber at a 4/20 concert. See the blistering rant that she warned she's 'forever going to be the aggressor' in!

Cardi B Rants About Amber Rose
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Cardi B did not hold back when she went on an epic rant after a photo surfaced of Offset checking out Amber Rose at the Vintage Lounge in Orlando on Apr. 20. An eyewitness told MTONews that Amber Rose was then seen at a Migos concert in Jacksonville the same night and was seen leaving in a car with Offset. “I’m a female,” Cardi said, “I know when b—–s do shit trying to be f—ing funny.” Cardi never called out Amber by name, but she seemed to warning everyone that she’s not in the dark and knows exactly what’s going on.

“When I start spazzing or I punch sh-t that b—-’s f—ing legs then I look like the bad guy,” she said. Cardi defended herself and said she’s the victim in this scenario. “B—-s be doing funny sh-t and when I act up, b—–s want to act like the victim,” she continued. “That’s my f—ing problem like I’m really the victim. I’m really the victim because I be peeping when b—–s be f—ing trying.” Cardi has reportedly been worried Offset might be tempted to cheat already so this whole situation with Amber freaked her out.

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Cardi refused to allow “that b—-” to play the part of the innocent. “It’s like you set yourself up,” she continued, “Don’t make it seem like I be bugging, b—-. That b—-has been doing funny sh-t.” She then marched right up to the camera and did a final clap, “when I press you, it’s gonna be…,” she threatened. Yikes!

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