K. Michelle Shows Off Breasts Running Topless Through Atlantic Records Office

Well this is a unique way to celebrate completing a new album. Singer K. Michelle decided to streak topless through the offices of her record label Apr. 20, baring her breasts for all of the lucky employees to see. We've got the wild video, right here!

Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

Everyone has their own special way of celebrating the happiest moments in their lives, and in K. Michelle‘s case is means running around topless! The 33-year-old is about to release her fourth studio album and just couldn’t contain her joy when stopping by the offices at Atlantic Records. She showed up in a white tank top and skin-tight pair of jeans when she arrived, but became so overwhelmed with excitement that she decided to give the entire office a massive peep show.

She literally ran around and entire floor of the building with her bare boobs hanging out there for all to see. It wasn’t just for employees’ eyes only, as she had someone record her shirtless sprint and then she shared it with the world on her Twitter account. The former Love & Hip Hop star captioned the video, “When you’re so happy in your life and about your new album that you take off running through your record label!”

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This sure is one way to draw attention to her follow-up to 2016’s More Issues Than Vogue. She can be seen yelling “Wake up, wake up, wake up! The album is done!” while excitedly clapping her hands in the air. There are two guys at the start of the video who are clearly in shock about what they are seeing as she dashes past them while shrieking wildly. The looks on their faces are absolutely priceless. Her enviable booty looks incredible in her tight jeans, while her long dark locks flow as she races around the room. K. Michelle’s fans are eagerly awaiting her new album, and this fun little video should make them happy in the meantime.

HollywoodLifers, do you think K. Michelle was just being joyous and celebratory? Or did her stunt seem thirsty?

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