La La & Carmelo Anthony’s $124 Million Dollar Divorce: How Much Will She Get?

If La La Anthony ends up divorcing her NBA star hubby Carmel0, she will walk away a very rich woman. spoke EXCLUSIVELY to a top attorney who tells us how much money she could be raking in.

How Much Will La La Anthony Get In Divorce
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It’s splitsville for Carmelo and La La Anthony, and while the pair is separated, they haven’t headed to divorce court just yet. If they do, the 32-year-old New York Knicks star is going to be shelling out some big time dough to the 37-year-old actress. “If Carmelo is worth an estimated $90 million dollars and most of that was made while they were married, La La could be getting close to $30 million dollars here,” NYC Divorce Attorney Raoul Felder tells EXCLUSIVELY.

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“The law says marriage is a partnership, like any other business partnership so she can go after his future earnings from the $124 million dollar contract that he signed while they were married. Yeah, the money on that contract is fair game, she can go after that too. She can make a lot of money off this divorce unless there is a prenup. That is a magic piece of paper, magic,” he continues.

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“We don’t know if they had a prenuptial agreement and that is key in a case like this. In a seven year marriage, assuming there was no prenup, it’s important to know how much was made during the marriage. It might have been quite a bit for Carmelo cause he signed a contract during the marriage,” Raoul notes. “La La is going to get a lot of money no matter what happens. Nobody gets married without a prenup, but who knows? She could walk away with something like 10 million, if there is no prenup. In New York she is not going to get 50%, but she is going to get a lot of money though if there is no prenup.”

“New York usually circles around about 25-30% that she will get without a prenup. She is getting almost as much as he was earning for playing ball without ever stepping onto an NBA court, for every year that they were married,” he adds. Cha-ching!!! “A lot of money for her, if you take the number of years married she may get over 2 1/2 million for every year married. It’s not bad at all.” Wow! With all the years of Carmelo’s cheating allegations that she had put up with, it sounds like she earned every penny.

La La was spotted out in New York without her wedding ring Apr. 18, looking sad and downcast. The actress is probably pretty upset by reports that her husband might have knocked up a stripper, even though his camp is denying those reports. Hopefully these two will find a way to reconcile

HollywoodLifers, do you think La La and Carmelo will end up divorcing? Or do you think they will find a way to reconcile?

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