‘Happily Ever After’ Recap: Ben & Lauren Surprise The Twins When Their Move Fails

On the April 17 episode of 'The Twins: Happily Ever After', Emily and Haley finally make it to LA to start their new lives as Clippers dancers. However, when their new apartment ends up not looking like the pictures, Ben and Lauren come to save the day! Check out our recap!

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When we left off on last week’s episode of The Twins: Happily Ever AfterEmily and Haley Ferguson‘s car broke down and they were forced to stay in a random creepy cabin in the woods.

After a few tears and a pep talk with each other, Emily and Haley made it through the night. In the morning, their car was fixed and they were back on track to chasing their dreams in LA. Remember: the twins were headed to the City of Angels to start their news lives as Clippers dancers.

When the girls got to their new apartment, their extremely sassy landlord, Willam, said that they couldn’t bring “Pinchy,” their pet lobster, to live with them. So, they took “Pinchy” — who we finally learned was actually fake the entire time — to the ocean to set him free. Needless to say, they didn’t get off on the right foot with their landlord, who we later learned was a drag queen in real life.

Then, the girls had to go get settled into their new place. But, there were a few problems — the toilet didn’t work, they had no furniture, and their scoliosis was getting irritated because they had to sleep in sleeping bags on the floor. After they attempted and failed to build furniture, they decided to pack up their things and head back home… until their doorbell rang…

It was Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell! The Bachelor couple eventually convinced the girls that they had to stick it out and stay. How did they do it? — Well, Ben and Lauren took the girls on an inspiring hike where they overlooked LA. Ben gave the girls a motivational speech and Lauren surprised them by redoing their new apartment! Oh, and all of them got their private parts steamed at a spa. Yes, Ben did it too… in the same room.

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After Emily and Haley found their confidence again, they had to buckle down to get ready for their Clippers audition. So, Willum came over to their apartment [in full drag], to help them. But, Willum gave the girls some odd advice. He gave them sexual cheers to practice and made them trust their hips, over and over.

When he suggested that the girls should try out their cheers on a real basketball team, that’s when things got interesting. Emily and Haley cheered for some local players in a park, and they were pretty harsh critics. However, the episode ended with the girls not giving up on their Clippers dreams!

But, in the previews for next week, there’s no Clippers audition in sight. In fact, the girls actually looked like they landed jobs as David Hasselhoff‘s assistants! We can’t wait for next Monday!

HollywoodLifers, do you think Emily and Haley will make the Clippers dance team?

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