‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Emma & Hook Reunite With Help From Snow & David

Emma is getting ready to face the biggest fight of her life against the Black Fairy. However, the April 16 episode of 'Once Upon A Time' brings Hook and Emma back together. Plus, after learning of Snow and David's sacrifice, the town comes together to help them.

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The Lost Boys are after Hook! He’s cornered and got nowhere to go. They want revenge for what happened to Peter Pan. He’s ready to fight and get it over with when Tiger Lily shows up and saves the day! They’re old friends. But she’s not rescuing him. Come on, girl! Hasn’t Hook been through enough?

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The hieroglyphs that Henry’s been scribbling are about the final battle Emma is going to have to fight. David knows all about this. Rumple told David and Snow back in the Enchanted Forest that Emma was destined to be the savior, but she would have to fight the final battle. They thought the final battle simply meant breaking the Dark Curse. Emma believes she’s not going to lose, but David doesn’t want her to fight this battle alone. He asks Regina where she’s at with trying to break the sleeping curse. She has something, but it might be dangerous. David is willing to try anything to help Emma and so is Snow.

Zelena and Regina rip out half of David and Snow’s hearts. Unfortunately, Regina’s potion doesn’t work. It just makes things worse. By the end of the day, they’ll both be asleep with no way of waking up. The potion weakened their hearts.

But Snow and David won’t be deterred. David realizes that Snow may have found a way to break the sleeping curse without even realizing it. A picture of Snow features pixie petals in the background, and they may be strong enough to break the curse. The flowers have been popping up all over Storybrooke, but they’re not random. They’re a sign that great evil has arrived in town.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

David and Snow have a knack for breaking curses. During the time of the Dark Curse and when David was still known as John Doe, Snow was able to break a curse by bringing David a flower in the hospital. He wakes up and knows exactly who Snow is. His love for her hasn’t wavered at all. She’s a little skeptical, but she knows in her heart that she can trust him.

They figure out that there’s a way they can be reunited with Emma. But there’s a catch. She’s only 18, and she’s not supposed to break the curse and fulfill her destiny until she’s 28. If they go to her now, she’ll never become the savior. Rumple gives Snow and David a potion that will put them back under the curse. David doesn’t want to waste another minute without Emma, but Snow knows they can’t be selfish. Emma has to become the savior so she can save everyone. This is not just about Snow, David,and Emma. It’s about everyone in Storybrooke. They take the potion Rumple gave them and are back at square one.

The Ultimate Weapon

Over in Neverland, Tiger Lily needs Hook to deliver something to another realm. It’s a weapon that can help win the war ahead. All he cares about is Emma. Tiger Lily can’t believe that Captain Hook has found love.

“If you don’t do what I’m asking, the savior will die,” she says. Hook realizes that they’re talking about the same person. They realize they have to work together. Tiger Lily remembers that Peter Pan may have magic that can get him home. They just have to get by the Lost Boys.

This weapon, made of driftwood, that Tiger Lily has is extremely powerful. It’s what banished the Black Fairy to the realm she was trapped in. Tiger Lily got her hands on a piece of this weapon because she used to be a fairy. She gave up her wings after she failed to steer the Black Fairy off the dark path she was on. Together, Hook and Tiger Lily fight the Lost Boys, but it doesn’t go very well.

Snow and Emma come across a field of pixie petals in the woods. The Black Fairy shows up. She’s already been to see Rumple and Belle with Gideon. Apparently, the Black Fairy and Emma have been destined to fight since the beginning of time.

Hook — in shadow form — is able to get Emma the weapon from Tiger Lily. Snow reveals the sacrifice she and David made all those years ago for Emma. She gives Emma the pixie dust she’s had all this time. “Hook needs it more than we do,” she says to Emma. She knows that Emma will find a way to wake them both up.

Captain Swan Is Getting Hitched

Hook is about to die at the hands of the Lost Boys when Emma shows up and saves him! CAPTAIN SWAN FOREVER! She was able to open up a portal with that pixie dust from Snow. When they’re back safe and sound in Storybrooke, Hook apologizes for even considering running away. Before they do anything else, Hook proposes to Emma again. This time, he does it the right way without any guilt.

He knows their future is uncertain, but he wants Emma to know that he’ll always be by her side. He asks for her hand in marriage, and she happily accepts! THERE’S OFFICIALLY A CAPTAIN SWAN WEDDING HAPPENING!

Regina discovers that there may be another way to break the curse. She brings the town together to ask them all to do something for Snow and David. They sacrificed their happiness for everyone else long ago, and now it’s time to do something for them. If they all share the sleeping curse, they may be able to dilute its power. Hook is the first to step up, followed by Regina, Emma, Henry, and then everyone else. Snow and David are able to both wake up. Thank goodness!

Hook and David come face-to-face since David found out about his father, and there’s no bad blood between them. David knows Hook’s a changed man.

Rumple confronts his mother in the middle of the town. He knows that she has Gideon’s heart. Even so, Gideon was able to resist the Black Fairy. He saved one of the pixie flowers. Rumple vows to get his son’s heart back, no matter what it takes. The Black Fairy threatens that if Rumple comes after her, she’ll destroy the town. Rumple is more than willing to take that chance.

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