‘Homeland’: Why Brody Is Totally Going To Return After That Shocking Season 6 Finale

The 'Homeland' season 6 finale featured the demise of another beloved character. Did anyone else get the feeling that with [SPOILER] gone, Brody could return? In light of a recent interview, I'd say the possibility of Brody coming back is a strong one.

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! If you haven’t watched the season 6 finale of Homeland, stop reading. Major plot points are about to be discussed. Like I’ve said, you’ve been warned, so don’t get mad.

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Quinn is dead. Like, really dead. He was shot multiple times getting Carrie and Keane to safety. To be honest, I thought for sure Quinn wouldn’t die, not after he basically died in last season’s finale. If anyone was going to die, I had assumed it would have been Dar or Saul. Boy, was I wrong.

After the episode ended, I couldn’t shake this nagging thought in my end: Brody’s going to come back. Brody was killed off at the end of the season 3 finale. He was publicly hanged as an enemy of the state in Tehran. Some fans are still holding out hope that Brody could have faked his death and is still alive out there, and I don’t think that’s totally out of the realm of possibility whatsoever. For me, the “Brody is alive” theory is actually stronger than ever.

Showrunner Alex Gansa was asked about Brody returning to the show in some form before the season 6 finale, and he didn’t exactly shoot the question down. “That’s always a possibility,” he told our sister site Deadline. “I think Brody was such an important part of Carrie’s past that it might be worth exploring in some way, shape or form.”

However, he added that he Carrie has “moved past” the Brody phase of her life and has evolved since the first couple of seasons. “I think for that reason Brody will remain in the rear view, probably,” he said. But never say never!

I feel like if Brody was truly done with the show, his name wouldn’t keep being brought up. Plus, the fact that no one is ever definitive about Brody makes me suspicious. If he were really gone, just say so! Don’t leave it open!

Damian Lewis, 46, has played coy about Brody’s fate in the past as well. “If Brody was resurrected somehow, that might just be pushing it too far,” he told The New York Times. “But, hey, as 007 himself said, Never say never. In the world of successful TV shows, anything is possible. But I’d be surprised.”

With Quinn gone, who is going to replace him as the lead? That’s what Rupert Friend, 35, did when Damian left the show. Homeland really just feels empty now. The show is known for pulling a fast one on us — like the deaths of two major characters — so it wouldn’t surprise me if they switched things up and brought one of them back. Hey, it’s what they practically did with Quinn last season.

Homeland just can’t (more like won’t) shake Brody, and I firmly believe he’s going to come back at some point in these last 2 seasons. You can believe me or not. The choice is yours.

HollywoodLifers, do you think Brody will return? Let us know!

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