T.I.’s Side Piece Bernice Taunting Tiny? Watch Her Sing Xscape’s ‘Just Kickin’ It’

T.I.'s alleged mistress, Bernice Burgos, posted a curious Instagram on April 9 that, to the naked eye, was just a cute video with her friend. But listen closely...was that a diss at Tiny? Watch Bernice sing one of Tiny's songs from when she was with Xscape, 'Just Kickin' It', here!

Bernice Burgos Sings Xscape
Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

The shade of it! Listen, Bernice Burgos, 36, could just be a huge Xscape fan — who isn’t? But the fact that T.I.‘s alleged mistress is singing on of his wife’s songs from the ’90s and posting it on social media just can’t be ignored. After being accused of having an affair with T.I., Bernice and her friend could have picked any song in the world besides “Just Kickin’ It” to jam out to on Instagram on April 9, yet they decided to go with an Xscape classic, aka a song from Tiny‘s former girl group.

T.I. & Tiny — See Pics

Sure, it could have been just a simple coincidence, but if it was, then this was a major mistake. Bernice is already at war with Tiny, on so many levels. There’s the aforementioned rumors that T.I. was sleeping with the Instagram model, which nearly destroyed his marriage. Then, Tiny went after Bernice on social media, calling her a “pass around b***h.” Yikes.

Bernice went off on Snapchat after hearing that, denying that she was ever with T.I., arguing that they were just friends and that she would never break up a home. She said she wasn’t a side chick, and their marriage problems weren’t her business. And that’s that! But, posting that Xscape song and those emojis; they found something funny about what they were doing! Giving Tiny a taste of her own medicine?

HollywoodLifers, do you think Bernice is trying to shade Tiny? Tell us in the comments!

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