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Jennifer Aniston Looks Half Her Age: Her Exact Workout For Toned Arms & Slim Legs

Jennifer Aniston has not aged a single day & in fact, she looks better than ever. She showed off her insanely toned body at 'The Leftovers' premiere & she looked flawless. If you want to get toned arms & slim legs like Jen, you can get her exact workout here!

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Jennifer Aniston Exact Workout
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Do you ever wonder how it’s possible that Jennifer Aniston, 48, looks half her age? It seems like every time we see her she looks better than ever. It’s no secret that Jen has the most amazing body and it has us wondering — what the hell does she do that she looks so toned and fabulous? The answer is yoga and she showed off her toned and slim yoga body at The Leftovers season 3 premiere in LA on April 4th. Luckily, if you want to follow in Jen’s footsteps, her long-time trainer and yoga instructor of over a decade, Mandy Ingber, shared her secrets.

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Mandy shared with WTOP Radio & News18, what exactly Jen does in her everyday fitness routine. First off, Jen enjoys an intense workout in the morning and the workout incorporates a mix of spin and yoga with interval training and climbing at Rise Nation. Mandy shared with the radio station that it’s not just her workout that makes her look so good, “Jennifer Aniston does, of course, have an incredible body, but I think part of what people respond to with her is that she seems very comfortable in her own skin; she seems healthy and holistic.” So what exactly does Jen practice in her yoga routine to get her amazing body? Mandy shared the daily routine:

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1. 60 minute light workout

Mandy says to keep an hour of your day free for exercise. “It doesn’t have to be really intense exercise. It could be something like taking a walk, a yoga practice, or something a little more active like a spinning class or hiking.”

2. Meditate daily (even if it’s only 5 minutes)

Find a quiet spot and focus on your breathing, says Mandy, “even if it is just five minutes a day of sitting down and focusing on your breath.”

3. Get the right nutrition, but also indulge once in awhile

Mandy believes in the 80/20 philosophy: eat healthy 80% of the time & indulge the other 20%. She says, “fruits and vegetables, grains, things that are not necessarily in a package,” are the right things to eat, and she explained, “It should be on nourishing your body and filling it with the nutrition it needs to maintain an active lifestyle.”

Wow, what do you guys think of Jen’s fitness plan? Will you try it out for yourself?