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Joshua Kushner: 5 Things To Know About Karlie Kloss’ Fiancé

Joshua Kushner is one lucky guy! Not only did he just get engaged to supermodel Karlie Kloss after six years of dating, his older brother is Donald Trump's senior adviser. Learn more about him!

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Joshua Kushner
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1. Joshua is engaged to Karlie Kloss after dating for six years. The 33-year-old investor has been dating the 25-year-old stunner since June of 2012. While the extremely private couple rarely discuss their relationship, Karlie posted on Instagram on July 24, 2018 that they were engaged! Joshua apparently proposed a few weeks before that while they were on a romantic vacay in upstate New York. So sweet!

2. Joshua’s older brother Jared is President Donald Trump’s senior adviser. If the businessman wants to get the ear of the nation’s most powerful man, he only has to look towards his 36-year-old brother to help. While Jared has no political background, he’s married to First Daughter Ivanka Trump, 35, and is one of the president’s most trusted confidantes. Joshua so far has shown no interest in following in his bro’s political footsteps.

3. Joshua did not vote for Donald Trump in the Nov. 2016 election. The lifelong Democrat gave no backing to his brother’s father-in-law in the general election, and his rep told Esquire last fall that he would not be voting for Trump. Joshua even attended the Jan. 21, 2017 Women’s March in Washington D.C. that protested the president’s horrible misogynistic policies and treatment towards women and women’s issues. When someone snapped a photograph of him at the march, he said he was just “observing” and didn’t outwardly slam Trump. Karlie also didn’t vote for Trump!

4. He’s very wealthy. His real estate developer father, Charles Kushner, is worth an estimated $500 million and that business sense has trickled down to his son. After graduating from Harvard and serving a short stint at Goldman Sachs, he branched out on his own and started Thrive Capital in 2009. The private equity and venture capital firm focuses on media and internet investments, and his Thrive IV in 2014 raised $400 million in funds. He also co-founded health insurance start-up Oscar Health aimed at millennials, which was valued at $2.7 billion in 2016.

5. Joshua’s health insurance company could take a big financial hit if Trump repeals Obamacare. Oscar Health has plans to sell health insurance in new markets established by the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. If it ends up getting repealed or replaced, the company then loses out on those new outlets.