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Tyga Sick Of ‘Deadbeat Dad’ Rumors After Blac Chyna Rant: Their Finance Agreement Revealed

Yikes! In Blac Chyna's recent Snapchat rant, she claimed Tyga's been cheap & hasn't paid child support! But as HollywoodLife.com learned EXCLUSIVELY, Chyna was WAY out of line as the 2 have an agreement when it comes to their son's finances. And Tyga apparently didn't violate it at all!

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Tyga Blac Chyna Child Support
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Tyga, 27, is beyond frustrated with baby mama Blac Chyna, 28, after she went off on him via Snapchat accusing him of slacking on his parenting duties. The rapper is especially unhappy because apparently Chyna has NO reason to be upset — as we’ve learned Tyga believes he didn’t even do anything wrong. And honestly, we may be with Tyga on this one…

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Tyga is frustrated and upset that, because of Chyna’s big mouth, people think he is a deadbeat dad,” an insider revealed to HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “Tyga doesn’t pay child support because Blac never asked him to and never took him to court over it.” Hmm, how’s THAT for a bombshell? “She is successful on her own and money has never been an issue for her since she had King [Cairo, 4],” our source continued. “Tyga is angry that, because of Blac’s Snapchat rant, once again people think that he does not pay his bills, which simply is not true in this case. King has always been taken care of and always had all his needs met by both Tyga and Chyna.”

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However, as HollywoodLife.com previously reported, child support wasn’t the TRUE reason Chyna went off on Tyga on social media. Apparently, her main source of anger came from Tyga allegedly not paying King’s weekend nanny. But according to Tyga, he didn’t think he had to! “The nanny problem stems from the fact that Chyna and Tyga actually have multiple nannies,” our insider added.

Tyga has always helped to pay for the nannies, but when Dream [Kardashian, 5 months] came along, Tyga stopped paying for the nanny at Chyna’s house because he figured that caring for both Dream and King was not his responsibility. That was why Tyga and Rob have been talking, to make sure they are on the same page with the nannies and the kids.” So apparently this all one big misunderstanding?

Tyga keeps one nanny with him, when he has King, and Tyga pays for that nanny himself,” our source explained. “Tyga does not pay for the nanny at Chyna’s, nor does he feel he should, because Rob is there to help with that nanny who also cares for Dream.” Makes a lot of sense, right?

“From day one Tyga has never had to pay Chyna,” our insider concluded. “They had an agreement, each of them would share custody and pay for their own stuff, their own childcare, nannies, food, and expenses for King.” So why was Chyna so angry? Apparently the jury is sill out on that one — stay tuned!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — are you team Tyga or team Chyna? Were you shocked by Chyna’s wild Snapchat rant last week?