Danielle Bregoli: Why ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Is Such A Dangerous Role Model

I won't pretend I didn't think the 'Cash Me Outside' video was funny. I definitely laughed along with everyone else at Danielle Bregoli's crazy antics! But there's a big difference between chuckling at a meme, and glamorizing the life of a bad role model -- especially for kids.

Danielle Bregoli Bad Role Model
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Wow, I still can’t believe how much Danielle Bregoli, AKA “Cash Me Outside” girl has exploded. As a child of the internet age, I know how the story usually goes: someone does something ridiculous, we quote it and copy it for a few weeks, and then it’s gone forever. Case in point: Damn, Daniel! Snapchats of Daniel rocking some fresh white Vans went viral, he went on Ellen DeGeneres, and then faded off into web obscurity. All was right with the world.

But Danielle won’t seem to go away, and somehow this 14-year-old has gone from a caricature of an out-of-control teen to a music video vixen, style icon, and soon-to-be reality star. I’m not blaming this troubled girl for what she’s become. Of course she’s going to enjoy the fame, she’s an attention-starved teenager — which is how she ended up on Dr. Phil in the first place. She was clearly acting out because she has some deep insecurities, and the crazier she acts, the more the whole world pays attention. Including other young people who crave that same attention.

That’s why she’s such a dangerous role model for kids. They’re looking at her as someone beautiful and successful, much like a younger Kylie Jenner. Kids follow both girls’ every move online, and look up to them because they’re on TV. The difference? Kylie is respectful to other people, is an entrepreneur with a successful makeup line, doesn’t get caught partying or acting wild, and doesn’t glorify or take part in any kind of violence. On the other hand, Danielle threatens people, steals cars, and treats her mother horribly, and 8.5 million people are following her on Instagram.

Even scarier? A lot of the attention she’s getting is super creepy. Older men are sexualizing this 14-year-old, calling her “hot,” “sexy,” and talking about her body. This is the kind of behavior we need to stop in adults. But Danielle is young and naive, so she welcomes this attention. She’s not at fault for how people talk about her, but giving her a wider audience welcomes even more adults to outwardly talk inappropriately about a child. Which means even more of her followers expect to be treated the same way.

‘Cash Me Outside’: See Pics Of Danielle Bregoli

Now that she’s famous, her behavior is probably going to get worse and worse. While Kylie had good, loving people around her to teach her how to use money and keep her on the right path while growing up in the limelight, Danielle really has no one to steer her in the right direction. Hopefully she will learn on her own and prove me wrong, but I think it’s more likely that she will teach kids that being dramatic, disrespectful, over-sexualized and even violent is the best way to get attention.

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