Alexis Skyy: 5 Things To Know About Fetty Wap’s Ex & ‘L&HHH’s Newest Cast Member

Meet Alexis Skyy — 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's newest cast member for season 4! You may have recognized her from an alleged sex tape scandal in Jan. 2017, which involved her ex, Fetty Wap. But, get to know Alexis like you've never seen her before with these five details!

Who is Alexis Skyy
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Alexis Skyy, 22, is the latest stunning model to make her way into the Love & Hip Hop family. The brunette beauty will be joining L&HH Hollywood for its fourth season, and she’s bound to make waves in the City of Angels! Here’s everything you need to know about the show’s newest cast member, and a few reasons why you may known her more than you thought!

1. Alexis is actually the ex-girlfriend of rapper, Fetty Wap, 25!

They met “back home,” [aka, Atlanta] when Alexis used to “dance,” she told EXCLUSIVELY, back in Jan. 2017. Alexis actually left Fetty’s “business partner” to date the rapper. Alexis and Fetty split in April 2016, and are not on speaking terms. In fact, she doesn’t plan to rehash any type of relationship with him after he “wasted two years of [her] time,” she dished to us. However, she does think he makes “good music.”

2. She and Fetty were at the center of an alleged, messy sex tape scandal in 2017.

When Alexis and Fetty were dating they allegedly filmed a sex tape, which she was accused of leaking in Jan. 2017. However, she told us that she did not leak the alleged tape.

Fetty is currently dating Slevin Monroe (Blu), and Alexis publicly feuded with her on social media on Jan. 11, 2017 about the “tape.” It all started because Alexis accused Fetty and his girl of leaking the alleged tape, and that set Blu off. Blu went wild on an Instagram LIVE video, and said some not-so-nice things about Alexis.

However, Alexis told us that there is no feud with Blu at the moment. Here’s her side: “I’m not fighting with [Blu],” she told us in Jan. 2017. “Honestly, I was on a plane on my way to Miami and a picture leaked out. And when I landed, the video was out. I called my lawyer before I took off and told him he had to put a stop to this because I was scared. I’m not accusing anybody. All I know is that it got out.” Alexis told us that only she and Fetty “had access to the tape,” so it remains a mysterious as to who exactly could have leaked their alleged rendezvous.

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3. Alexis reportedly was a stripper when she met Fetty.

While she told us that she used to be a “dancer,” multiple reports claim that she was a legit stripper in Atlanta, GA, before moving to NYC.

4. She’s not only a reality star…

Alexis is an entrepreneur, model, host and actress, according to her Instagram page. When we sat down with her, Alexis told us that she’s “trying to act,” and that she transitioned from a “vixen to a business woman.” As for that entrepreneur talk? — Alexis actually owns an online shopping destination called, Possi & Co. Alexis even reportedly used to own a luxury spa in GA. In 2016, she conducted beauty services to customers with “StyleSeat,” according to her Twitter.

5. Alexis can sing and she rides horses.

She took to Twitter on March 2 to reveal that she had recorded her first song, and she even gave her fans a sneak peak at her pipes in the video above! Alexis has been open about her love for horseback riding and she’s even posted videos of herself riding on Instagram.

HollywoodLifers, are you excited for Alexis to join the cast of L&HHH?

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