‘Beauty And The Beast’: 9 Questions About Animated Version We Hope The New Film Answers

The new 'Beauty and the Beast' is almost here, and we're so relieved. We might get some questions answered that we've had since seeing the 1991 animated classic! Wondering how old the beast is and more? You're not alone! Read 9 of our most important questions here!

1. Why does everyone call him the “Beast” instead of by his real name?

This is kind of rude, to be honest. The prince had an actual name before he was turned into a beast, so why aren’t the other people in the castle using it? To add insult to injury; Belle never even asks him his name the entire time she’s living there. Harsh.

2. Why is a prince opening the door to his own castle, especially in the middle of the night?

This whole situation could be, like, Cogsworth or Lumiere’s fault if you think about it! It seems quite odd that a prince would hear someone knocking at the front door of his giant castle in the middle night and decide to go answer, instead of sending a butler to do it.

3. Why is the enchantress testing the prince in the first place?

There’s really no compelling reason for an enchantress to travel to a secluded castle in the middle of the night in disguise to see if a (presumable) child is a jerk or not. There has to be some backstory here. Is this a Rapunzel or a Sleeping Beauty situation? Did his parents do something mean and she was getting payback?

4. How old is the Beast actually?

There’s a whole lot of back-and-forth on this one. The last petal of the rose is supposed to fall upon the Beast’s 21st year. In “Be Our Guest”, Lumiere says “10 years we’ve been rusting”. So was the prince only 11 years old when the enchantress turned him into a beast? Some think so, while others believe that it’s the 21st year of him being a beast. So…did the others just start rusting after 10 years? Come on, Disney!

5. Why do only some of the objects in the castle get to talk and sing?

Can you imagine if you had to be faceless fork #4 or god forbid, the toilet(!) while Mrs. Potts has a whole Oscar-winning number? Totally unfair! There are pretty sound theories about this one, but no confirmation. The thought is that since the entire castle got enchanted, even the regular furniture and silverware sprang to life and started to do their own thing alongside the cursed people. Sounds solid!

6. Is it really possible to eat five dozen eggs and not die?

There are a lot of question to ask about Gaston, but this one has always haunted us. Dude chugs four to five dozen eggs at a time, and attributes that to how he got so damn muscly and hairy. But how often has he had salmonella?

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7. Whose clothes is Belle wearing? 

No, we need answers on this one. How does an abandoned castle have a rack of fashion-forward dresses in Belle’s size at the ready, and who did they belong to? It’s entirely possible that they’re the prince’s mother’s dresses, or one of the women who got turned into a curtain rod or whatever. Another road: if the kitchen can still whip up a gourmet meal, then some of them could sew a dress or two.

8. When the Beast destroys entire rooms in the castle, does that count as homicide?

Look, this is revolution-era France, so laws are pretty lax. But we have to have this uncomfortable conversation. Fairly early into the film, the Beast goes into full “nobody likes me” mode and destroys the West Wing, tearing up his portrait and ripping up furniture. Were…were any of those chairs people?Please help.

9. Who does Gaston think he is?

Seriously. How. Dare. He.

HollywoodLifers, do you have any lingering questions about Beauty and the Beast? Tell us in the comments!

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