‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Hook Keeps A Deadly Secret From Emma & David

Hook and David work together to find out the truth about David's father's death, and it doesn't end well. Plus, Regina tries to get Robin used to life in Storybrooke, but is he the same man?

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Long ago, David’s father and mother had to make a sacrifice. Rumple showed up ready to make a deal. In order for both boys — James and David — to survive after contracting an illness, they had to give one of them up. One of the twins would be King George’s son. The fate of one of the twins was decided by the flip of a coin.

David’s father never got over giving up James. When James went missing, David’s father decided that this was his opportunity. Before his father departed for his journey to find his son, he took that lucky coin, which had been hanging around David’s neck. He went to see Rumple and wanted his help. All Rumple said he wanted in return was a hair from his head. “Someday, may we all be reunited with our sons,” Rumple said after David’s father walked away.

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Back in Storybrooke, David assures everyone that nothing can tear the family apart. Even though the entire family (i.e. Snow) can’t be here, they will find a way to be together again. When David steps outside, he sees a vision of his father. He collapses in exhaustion. He hasn’t slept in days. David snaps at Hook when he tries to help. Before going back inside, he see that same coin his father used.

A Proposal

David finally does get some sleep, giving Snow some time to catch up on everything. She flips out that Regina has brought back this new Robin. She doesn’t know anything about this guy. He may not be the same person that her Robin was.

Zelena arrives on Regina’s doorstep after hearing about Robin’s return. She is pissed and doesn’t want this Robin to have anything to do with her daughter. When Regina goes back inside after dealing with her overdramatic sister, Robin is gone. He’s going after Nottingham! Robin nearly kills him, but Regina saves him just in the knick of time.

Hook goes to see Archie for some advice. He’s worried that David only sees him as a pirate and not a man worthy of Emma’s heart. You see, Hook is ready to propose to Emma, but he wants her father’s blessing. He is too cute! Archie tells Hook to man up and talk to David.

David sees his father’s ghost again. His father has a message for David — he wants him to see the truth. This sends David on a search for answers. He needs Hook’s help but doesn’t want Emma or Snow to know what they’re doing. Hook sees this as his in with David, but David wants Hook to revert back to his bad boy ways and keep secrets.

In the midst of David and Hook’s quest, Hook runs into Emma. She wants to know what he’s hiding. Well, a lot of things, really. Hook admits that he went to see Archie to talk about her. She almost died, and no matter the outcome, that changes things. He’s keeping other things as well, but he doesn’t tell her about David’s plan. But at least we get a cute kiss out of them!

Not The Same Guy

Regina brings Robin to her vault to talk. She tells him about his daughter. He’s more than a little confused, but the whole situation is so complicated. They kiss. But it’s not the same, and Regina knows it.

Later, Regina talks with Snow. She admits she just wanted to give this Robin a chance in hopes that she could have a second chance at love. If this Robin isn’t her Robin, then why did he make it through the portal? It’s probably not for a good reason. He sneaks back into Regina’s vault and steals her box!

David finds out where his father was before he died — Pleasure Island. The place is all about extravagance and excess. It’s like a carnival on steroids. David’s father ran into Pinocchio, and he eventually found James. James didn’t want to go back to the king. James and David’s father vowed to take him home, but they ran right into the king. The king’s people took him away to kill him.

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David is ready for vengeance and won’t let anyone stand in his way. He goes to see King George/Albert in his cell and asks him to fight for his life. Hook stops the fight before David did something he regretted. David breaks down in front of Hook, the anger and grief he still feels about his father’s death coming to a boiling point. Hook hugs David and their bromance is too much for me to handle.

Hook tells David to remember that his father did fight for his family. He resisted temptation at the end. Finally at peace with what happened to his father, David throws the coin away and apologizes to Hook. David realizes that Hook really has changed, which is the hardest thing anyone can do.

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Hook finally gathers up the courage and asks for David’s blessing. “Of course,” David says. Hook heads home ready to propose to Emma when August rolls up on his motorcycle. He found the part of his story that he took out. He asks Hook to pass along the pages to David.

What do those pages contain? Oh, only the truth about David’s father’s death, which could destroy Hook’s relationship with Emma. He wasn’t killed by the king’s men. Not at all. Hook showed up and killed those men. David’s father begged Hook to spare his life. Taking a line from Pirates of the Caribbean, Hook told him, “Dead men tell no tales.” That’s when Hook killed David’s father with a sword through the heart!

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