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Marion Cotillard Shocking Makeover: Did She Get Lip Injections? — Plastic Surgeon Speaks

Everyone's talking about Marion Cotillard's shocking makeover, especially those fuller lips! spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Dr. John Diaz, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, to find out whether or not she had fillers done.

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Marion Cotillard Plastic Surgery
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Marion Cotillard, 41, displayed a drastic new look on her Instagram account on March 3. In a series of photos, Marion has very plump, pink lips and is posing in a handful of different ways to accentuate them. We reached out to Dr. John Diaz, a board certified plastic surgeon who works in Beverly Hills, California, to get his opinion on Marion’s new look. Please know that Marion is not a patient of Dr. Diaz, nor has he ever treated her.

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“The recent pictures of Marion Cotillard show some telltale signs of lip enhancement,” Dr. Diaz told EXCLUSIVELY. “First of all, it’s fairly obvious that her lips look significantly bigger than before. What really confirms it though is the appearance of fullness beyond the pink border of the lip, especially on the sides of the lower lip and above the upper lip. These areas are right outside of the lip edge and look ‘puffy.’ This is a sure sign she had fillers injected into the lip.”

The doctor went on to explain, “When too much filler is injected, some of the excess filler gets ‘pushed’ beyond the lips and ends up in these areas. When this happens, it is very obvious the lip was injected. The way to avoid this is to inject less filler, or to start the injection farther away from the lip edge. This way, even if a lot of filler is injected, it is unlikely to get pushed beyond the borders.”

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Dr. Diaz also added that “based on the amount of fullness” shown in Marion’s photos, as well as her choice of poses, “it doesn’t seem like [she] wanted a subtle result.” While it remains unconfirmed whether or not Marion had injections or just used prosthetics, it is worth noting that she tagged one batch of pictures with Rock N’ Roll, which is her most recent French comedy. Hopefully this change was just for the role!

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