‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Steroline’s Wedding Turns Deadly

The penultimate episode officially arrived -- and it was the perfect combination of a gorgeous white wedding and well, a funeral.

Let’s say this: Caroline didn’t dream about this June wedding, but it sure looked like a dream. In order to bring Katherine out of Hell, Caroline and Stefan quickly threw together their “June wedding.” Last minute nuptials weren’t exactly her plan, I mean, she is Caroline after all, but with the help of Damon and Bonnie, they still did it.

Yes, Bonnie put aside her loathing for Stefan and what he did to her, to give Caroline away, and Damon even got ordained to marry them, after getting Stefan wasted at his bachelor party; he also took out Caroline and ended with a toast for her mother, which let’s be honest, made us cry more than the wedding did. (Also, another tearful moment: Ric saying goodbye to Caroline and realizing that they were all his family, while he skipped the wedding.)

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They assumed Katherine would come interrupt before they even got to the vows, and then they’d stab her with a dagger made of her own bones. However, once they got to the altar, they realized she already knew their plan — she had left the “something old” for Caroline in the house: her necklace.

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However, they were already up there in front of a hundred compelled guests, so why not just get married? Yes, they officially became Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore with some damn good last-minute vows and no interruptions. Well, except Matt’s mom leaving midway through. Yes, Kelly Donovan (the queen that is Melinda Clarke) returned and tried to convince Matt she just wanted back in the family; really, she was killing people — also, slitting Matt’s dad’s throat — and texting a woman we thought was Katherine (those brown curls can be deceptive).

She interrupted Damon’s best man speech (TBH, what I was most disappointed about), to reveal that she had died two years ago and Katherine took her in; oh yeah, she also blew up the house that Bonnie and the girls were in. Luckily, the girls were siphoning magic from Bonnie and they all survived. Enzo showed up and convinced her that of course she still had magic — and she could use it now to save them all, but would say goodbye to him. He was also convinced they’d be together soon. So she said goodbye to him, and literally walked through the fire.

However, Kelly was really there as a distraction so Vicki could ring the bell 11 times. Yup, apparently she came out when Matt opened the portal to Hell. And yes, the episode ended with her ringing the bell — and Bonnie collapsing to the ground.

HollywoodLifers, do you think Bonnie is dead? Will that bring back Elena? What about Katherine? Let us know.

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