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Kylie Jenner Smokes Suspicious Cigarette While Topless In Sexy New Black & White Pic

Whatcha smoking there Kylie Jenner? The beauty posted some sexy black and white photos to her Instagram Mar. 1 where she's taking some puffs off of a suspicious looking ciggie. We've got the pics, right here!

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Way to make something as gross as smoking look totally sexy! Kylie Jenner lives a pretty healthy lifestyle so it was a bit of a shock to see her puffing away on a hand-rolled cigarette in a series of artsy photos she posted to her Instagram Mar. 1. The 19-year-old beauty is laying topless on bed with her gorgeous long dark locks cascading over her shoulders while taking a long drag off of a ciggie. Kylizzle blows the smoke seductively out of her enviable lips with the suspicious looking cigarette dangling from her perfectly manicured fingers. We totally don’t take Kylie for being a pot smoker even though her boyfriend Tyga has been known to blaze up, so hopefully that’s not a joint she’s puffing on!

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While in one picture she’s holding it between her fingers the way people hold cigarettes, in a second black and white shot she’s holding her puff piece the way someone holds a joint, with a finger and thumb. Oh Kylizzle, we hope you’re not tokin’ on the green stuff! Not that a cigarette is any better.

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Hopefully the smoking was just used for an artsy effect, as she posed for the shoot done by professional photographer and friend Sasha Samsonova. Still, it’s never good to encourage people that smoking is even remotely glamorous, as it’s such a disgusting habit. In this day and age with all that we know about the damaging health effects, we hope none of her fans are influenced to start smoking.

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HollywoodLifers, do you think Kylie is a secret smoker? Or did she just light up to make for a dramatic photoshoot?