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‘Counting On’ Recap: Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo Get ‘Hot’ & Heavy During Honeymoon

Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo are officially married in the Feb. 27 episode of 'Counting On!' And to celebrate, the two jetted off to Australia for 6 magical days where they spent 'quality alone time' together -- oo la la! And as it turns out, their relationship is a WHOLE lot spicier than any of us thought!

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Well THAT didn’t take long! As soon as Jinger Duggar, 23, and Jeremy Vuolo, 29, tied the knot during the Feb. 20 Counting On two-hour special, the two have been completely inseparable. And for good reason too! After all, the Duggar family doesn’t believe in physical contact before marriage — aside from the occasional side-hug and hand-holding of course — so, right when they became official man-and-wife, you better believe Jinger and Jeremy went from zero to sixty REAL fast! And fans got to watch it all unfold during their Australian honeymoon.

“We’re happy to just take a breath and just enjoy one another,” Jeremy told the cameras before he and his bride hopped on a plane to Sydney, Australia. “Traveling around the world with my love,” Jinger added — aw! And as crazy as it is, this trip was the first time Jinger and Jeremy were allowed to be alone together. According to them though, it was not awkward in the least.

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“It’s been really exciting being able to let our guard down together and be alone,” Jeremy gushed. “We’ve probably laughed more together in this past week than we ever had in our relationship before.” But aside from the laughter, the best part of their trip abroad? The alone time of course! “We’re looking forward to just spending time alone — quality time alone.”

Jinger echoed what her new husband had to say, adding, “We’re excited to be alone. It wasn’t strange at all. It was just something we were looking forward to.” And it was beyond clear that that’s what was on their minds during their getaway! In fact, during one of their activities, the two could barely keep their hands off each other. Talk about seeing a new side to Jeremy and Jinger!

One of the last excursions of the trip was cooking authentic Australian food with a professional chef, Chef Bec. And the newlyweds definitely made Bec uncomfortable with all their hugging and kissing. “They were getting a bit touchy feely,” she commented to producers. “But it’s time to work.” At one point she even snapped at Jinger and Jeremy, telling them that she had had enough of their flirting — awkward!

“It’s not like we just got married or anything…” Jinger sarcastically said later to the cameras. “We were there for a nice romantic time,” Jeremy added. “It was getting hot in that kitchen!” Despite their overwhelming affection for each other though, the two successfully prepared their meal, and it turned out to be “incredible.” “The food was out of this world,” Jinger recalled.

Counting On is set to return to TLC this summer! We can’t wait to watch Jinger and Jeremy’s relationship grow, Jessa Duggar Seewald give birth to baby number two, and Jill Duggar Dillard plan for HER baby number two, and Joy Duggar enter her courtship with family friend Austin. There’s so much to look forward to!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — are you surprised Jinger and Jeremy got so touchy feely during their honeymoon?