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Oscars 2017: Celeb Trainer Liz Josefsberg Reveals How Stars Get Red Carpet Ready

Oscar night is one of the most important events actors and actresses will attend all year. It's the night where their hard work is honored, so they have to look their best! EXCLUSIVELY spoke with Liz Josefsberg, who's transformed Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson's bodies, to learn how your favorite stars get red carpet ready!

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How Celebs Get Red Carpet Ready
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The 2017 Academy Awards air tomorrow, Feb, 26, and it’s the night that Emma Stone, 28, Ryan Gosling, 36, Natalie Portman, 35, and many more stars have been waiting for. When it comes to getting red carpet ready, these celebs pull out all of the stops to make sure they look picture perfect. So, wanted to give you an EXCLUSIVE look into how your favorite stars get in shape for the red carpet! We spoke with celebrity weight loss and wellness expert, Liz Josefsberg, who revealed the secrets of the stars, and you’ll be shocked to read what we found out!

Liz, who’s transformed Jennifer Hudson‘s [35] body, and Jessica Simpson‘s [36] post-baby body [twice!], filled us in on five key secrets, or “health pillars,” that go into Oscar preparations, and it has something to do with Bolthouse Farms Dressing…

1. First of all, celebs eat, a lot! — But, they eat a lot of the right things, which are  green vegetables and leafy greens. On Oscar day, Liz told us that celebs will be taking in green vegetables, like spinach, kale and broccoli, which are highly filling foods with almost no calories. “I encourage all of my clients to add at least one green vegetable to every meal and snack,” she said. “One of my favorite ways to add in a green veggie is making a poodle [zucchini noodles] dish, which is super trendy at the moment.”

We actually watched Liz prepare a delicious, creamy zoodle dish with tomatoes, and her secret ingredient, Bolthouse Farms dressing. It’s her way of tricking her tastebuds into thinking she’s getting something that tastes like a cheat meal, but really it has lower fat and calories! The dressings are very healthy and they have no artificial flavors. She incorporates Bolthouse Farms’ Creamy Roasted Garlic, Cucumber Ranch, Salsa Verde Avocado, and more of their amazing flavors into a ton of her meals! They’re healthy, tasty, creamy, and pretty much everything you’d want in a salad dressing — and yes, we’ve tasted them all and we’re obsessed!

2. Hydration, hydration, hydration! — Liz made our jaws drop when she said that “75% of people in the US walk around chronically dehydrated.” She revealed that this actually leads to mistaking hunger for thirst, causing you to eat more. Without enough water intake you can feel irritable, low-energy and lack of concentration. She tells all of her celeb clients that in order to function properly, they must make water a priority. Not to mention, it’s great for that red carpet glow when it comes to Viola Davis‘, [51] and Michelle Williams‘, [36] stunning complexions.

3. Exercise! — Celebs will really put in the work when it comes to awards season prep. Cardio, weight training, and targeting important muscles are the key things stars will do. “On Oscar day, celebs will most likely get in one last hard workout to get their bodies tight and shape, before they eat greens or avocado.” With the busy schedules stars have, it’s pretty hard to fit in workouts. However, one of Liz’s key beliefs is that “movement is more important than exercise.” When you don’t have time to exercise, make sure you’re moving. Take walks; stand throughout the day; do anything you can to keep your body in motion!

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4. Stress relief… Stress is a major factor when it comes to weight gain or lack of weight loss. And, it’s no secret that celebs have pretty stressful careers. So, that’s why they need to make sure they’re keeping a clear head and are focused so they’re not thrown off their game.

5. Sleep! It’s crucial to get enough sleep to maximize weight loss and feel good. “Less than 7-8 hours of sleep begins to disrupt hunger and satiety hormones, leading to cravings and overeating,” Liz told us. So, you can bet your favorite Oscar nominated stars like Denzel Washington, 62, and Casey Affleck, 41, will be getting their 7-8 hours the night before the big awards show!

You can get more information about Liz on her official website, and don’t forget to check out the tasty Bolthouse Farms dressings on their official website. And, if you want to create the recipe we talked about and more, you can access them on their site as well!

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