I Got Super Long Nail Tips Like Kylie Jenner & Hated Them — Here’s Why

Kylie Jenner is known for always having insanely long nails painted in a ton of different bright colors and she's constantly posting pics of her fresh manis, so, I thought I would give the trend a try because it looked cool and fun. I was wrong and I will regret my impulse decision forever.

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Kylie Jenner, 19, is the biggest trendsetter of our generation and when she started to get extra long acrylic nails, it instantly became a thing. My Instagram feed became flooded with artsy photos of super long nails and fresh manicures that made everyone’s fingers look long and lean, so I immediately thought, wait I need to try this. My entire life, I have gotten the same manicure every time — short, square shaped nails with a solid color like red or pink. Sometimes if I was feeling frisky, I’d get a sparkly party nail on each hand. Once in awhile, I would get a gel manicure, giving myself a break every few weeks so that my nails could breathe again. Long story short, Kylie Jenner’s long nail photos made me go AWOL.

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Right around Christmas, after seeing millions of Kylie’s snaps of her long nails, I felt impulsed to run to the nail salon that second and get acrylic nails, a decision I’ll forever regret. I went to the nail salon, got extra long almond shaped nails, (my first mistake), and then quickly made my second mistake — I got a bright red hue. The second my nails dried, I felt like my Grandma Sylvia with these extra long, bright red nails. I walked out of the nail salon, took out my phone to text, and couldn’t even touch any buttons, realizing that long tips are the most impractical beauty trend, ever.

By the end of the day, my nails were actually growing on me, despite the fact that I couldn’t type on my phone or computer, my fingers looked long and beautiful. For a week, I started to like them more and more, despite my friends telling me I looked insane. By the end of week 2, I was typing gibberish and it was taking me an hour to type things out — I was going insane. I could not type or grab things, I constantly felt like my nails were dirty because things were getting stuck. Plus, God forbid I got something stuck in my tooth and had to get it out with my nail — I wanted to rip them off immediately.

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Fast forward to Christmas Eve morning, I was at my breaking point and I thought to myself, how am I going to open my gifts from Santa Claus tomorrow morning? I almost lost it, drove myself to the closest nail salon in my neighborhood in my pajamas at 9AM and told them to get rid of them immediately. They were still to fresh so they couldn’t take them off, but they were able to shave them down to make them the same length as my regular nails. I walked out of there feeling fresh and so excited, but still frustrated that I had these thick acrylic nails on.

So frustrated a week later, I found myself laying in bed, filing my nails down and chewing every last acrylic tip off until my blanket was covered in crumbs. Today, I have divets in every single finger nail, (which will probably last forever), as well the nightmares of me being trapped in my own skin. Long nails are not want you think they are and kudos to Kylie for sticking with them for so long, because I will never, ever get them again.

What do you guys think of the long nail trend Kylie started — will you ever take the risk and try it? (I hope not).

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