‘Quantico’ Preview: Lydia Gets Nasty With Alex After Owen Is Arrested — Watch

Lydia unleashes her fury at Alex in this dramatic sneak peek of the Feb. 20 episode of 'Quantico.' After Owen is taken away in handcuffs, Lydia tells Alex to leave The Farm immediately!

“Owen, you don’t have to do this,” Alex says as Owen and Lydia walk together to meet the police. Owen is handcuffed and taken into custody. What?! After the car drives away, Lydia gets her chance to give Alex a piece of her mind.

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“You never belonged here,” Lydia says to Alex. “I knew that from day one. The biggest mistake I ever made at The Farm was letting you stay. You have one hour to pack your bags.”

Well, this certainly puts a kink in Alex’s plan. Alex and Owen had been working together to figure out what the heck is going on. They were right on the precipice of something, too. They found that lair that showed someone’s been spying on everyone at The Farm.

But what has Owen been arrested for? That’s the big question. Owen being in jail was casually revealed earlier in the season, but the reason why remains a mystery. At least now we know how Alex got kicked out of the CIA/The Farm. That was a lingering question everyone had as the two timelines began to merge.

Alex and Owen discovered Lydia was part of the AIC and thought she was one of the bad guys. In the future, after the rest of the hostages were released, Lydia was revealed as the one who’s in charge of the crisis investigation. We’re still not 100% sure what side Lydia is on, so this next episode is going to be KEY.

Quantico airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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