Peter Gunz & Amina Buddafly: She Reveals If Tara & Him Are Still Hooking Up

'LHHNY' stars Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly have finally gone their separate ways, as he strives to reconcile with his ex Tara Wallace. Now, Amina tells us EXCLUSIVELY if she thinks Tara and him are still secretly hooking up. Here's the scoop!

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Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly discussed getting a divorce on this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York, after it was revealed that he’d rather pursue a relationship with his ex Tara Wallace. Now, Amina shares why she thinks their love triangle is FAR from over. She tells EXCLUSIVELY, “The last thing that I heard she was saying there’s nothing going on like that between them, but I don’t believe it and I don’t know who would believe it.”

Amina explained, “He’s not officially with either of us because we both want to move on but we are both struggling with saying no to him. And she’s not admitting it, but I am.” She added, “Even if [Tara] puts her foot down and says no to him, which is possible, it’s not completely over between them and I don’t think it ever will be and that’s why I had to leave New York.” Amina says she’s now come to the realization that she had to be the one to walk away. “He’s never going to be able to let her go, if anyone if going to be with a new person in this triangle it will be me.”

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Amina recently moved to Los Angeles to separate herself from the drama, but she told Peter how she wishes that he would have fought harder to keep her around. The Other Woman author is still working with Peter to co-parent their adorable daughters Cori Gunz and Bronx Gunz.

Peter and his ex Tara also have a lot of history together, since they’re the proud parents of three precious kids named Kaz, Jamison, and Gunner. It’s hard to confirm whether or not she’ll take him back with open arms after all they’ve been though, but time will ultimately tell!

HollywoodLifers, do you think Tara will give Peter a chance or is it OVER? Let us know!

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