Donald Trump Caught Staring At Paula White’s Behind During White House Meeting — Pic

You had ONE job! Evidently Donald Trump can't make it through a single White House meeting without forgetting his manners. This time, he was caught red-handed STARING at Paula White's butt inside the Roosevelt Room. We've got the shocking pic, here!

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Donald Trump Checking Out Paula White
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Donald Trump, 70, — the man with wandering hands and wandering eyes. He may not be grabbing women “by the p*ssy” anymore, but that does NOT excuse his inappropriate behavior inside the White House. As he pulled out the chair for Paula White, 50, to take a seat, Donald forgot his manners at home and totally checked out her butt in the middle of a business meeting on Feb. 2. Did he let wifey Melania slip from his memory, too?! The business mogul didn’t even walk Paula to the chair, but instead let her trail behind him as if she wasn’t an equal. SEE DONALD’S SLEAZY BEHAVIOR HERE.

If you don’t know who Paula is, she’s a Christian televangelist. That means she uses television or radio to preach Christianity. Like Donald, her views are often deemed controversial, which probably explains why they’ve been friends for over a decade — 15 years to be exact. As a strong supporter of Donald’s 2016 presidential campaign, Paula took her place as Donald’s right hand woman to discuss the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court inside the Roosevelt Room.

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With the likes of Neil and Paula by his side, Donald continues his mission to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Both Paula and Neil are EXTREMELY conservative and likely to vote against abortion. Americans are rightfully PISSED by Donald’s decision to appoint someone as backwards-thinking as Neil to fill the ninth seat in the Supreme Court.

This extreme conservatism poses a huge threat to women’s rights, Planned Parenthood, and the LGBTQ community. Miley Cyrus, along with hundreds of other angry voters bashed the federal judge on Twitter, calling him a “woman hater” and an Antonin Scalia impersonator. At this point we’re just praying for an impeachment!

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