Christina & Tarek El Moussa’s Daughter Suffers Horrific Health Scare — Is She OK?

Oh no! As if Tarek and Christina El Moussa didn't have enough stress with their bitter divorce battle, their precious daughter Taylor is having a serious health crisis. We've got the details on what's ailing the little girl.

Tarek Christina El Moussa Daughter Health Scare
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It seems like there’s only one thing Tarek, 35, and Christina El Moussa, 33, can agree on these days and that is what’s best for their two children. Right now, they’re in the middle of a medical scare with six-year-old daughter Taylor, who has been suffering for years with stomach issues. Christina has finally come forward about the dilemma and is asking fans for suggestions on items her daughter can eat after being diagnosed with severe food allergies.

“Need some help! Taylor has been a VERY picky eater and dealing with stomach issues for a few years… after years of dealing with our old doctors telling me to put her on Miralax 😒 because of constipation – I elected not to do so and try probiotics instead – recently took her to a Naturopathic doctor who discovered she has a very high allergic reaction to dairy, wheat and gluten containing grains (all her fav foods 😢),” Christina revealed in an Instagram post Jan. 30. Poor thing! It must be so hard for Taylor not to eat what she loves anymore.

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Christina said that most of the new gluten-free foods that she’s bought have been a bust with her daughter, so the Flip or Flop star pleaded for suggestions on brands that might actually be yummy. The reality star added that her little girl loves peanut butter and fruit, so at least they can still keep those items in her diet. Fortunately, her fans rallied with amazing suggestions including cookbooks, recipes and other ways to keep Taylor’s food delicious yet safe from anything that could trigger her allergies.

We’re hoping that Tarek and Christina are able to find foods that will improve Taylor’s health while still remaining tasty. It’s so sad to know she’s been suffering with stomach issues for so long. At least now the former couple finally knows why she’s been sick and will be able to get her past this scary crisis. Their bitter split has probably been so hard on Taylor and her little brother Brayden, one, so the last thing she needs is not being able to eat her favorite foods anymore.

HollywoodLifers, do you have food allergies? What items would you suggest Christina feed Taylor?

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