Harry Potter’s Matthew Lewis Confesses He Doesn’t Get Why You Think He’s So Hot

Hey, Longbottom -- buy a mirror! While speaking at the Celebration of Harry Potter in Orlando this weekend, Matthew Lewis revealed that he's aware of his 'hottie' status, but has no idea why he has it. We can think of a few reasons.

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‘I just don’t get it! That’s the real thing!’ Matthew Lewis, 27, explained during an exclusive press conference at Universal Studios Resort in Orlando. The stud who played Neville Longbottom for a decade of his life explained truly appreciates the admiration of his looks now that he’s all grown up and is humbled by the fact that he’s so celebrated all over the Internet — but still, he doesn’t see it!

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“The Internet can be a pretty grim, awful place, so when people are writing nice things about you, don’t complain. It’s flattering. It’s lovely,” Matt went on to say. “But I honestly don’t get it, i never felt that way, i still don’t feel that way. But I can’t begrudge it all, I’m not going to sit here and tell you my life is hell because of it. I don’t get it, I don’t understand it.”

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Um, WE DO! And you know who else does? Tom Felton! Mr. Draco Malfoy himself was also on the panel at Universal Studios Resort and after hearing Matt humbly speak of his good looks, he had to interject. “I do!” Tom, 29, shouted from across the panel as Matt insisted he didn’t understand what all the fuss about his looks is about. “I’ll show you a picture of what you looked like when you were twelve. Versus the rippling mass of muscles that you are now.” AMEN!

HollywoodLifers, you agree he’s pretty smokin’ right? (Trick question, we know you do…)