‘Shadowhunters’ Recap: [SPOILER] Dies In Devastating Demon Attack

Our hearts are officially broken. Season 2 of 'Shadowhunters' has claimed it's first victim, and we definitely didn't see it coming. Find out who was killed by a demon, and everything else you missed this week, here!

Shadowhunters Jocelyn Dies
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Wow, we definitely didn’t expect episode 4 of Shadowhunter’s second season to get so dark so quickly! On the Jan. 23 episode of Freeform’s hit show, Jace faces trial in the City of Bones, Camille is finally captured and one main character doesn’t make it out alive after a demon breaks into the Clave. Brace yourselves, this one was a doozy.

First things first, Jace is trapped in prison leading up to his trial. Clary comes to see him, but he asks her to stay away from him forever. Then he starts having dreams about killing her! His old friend Hodge (the traitor he took a hand off of, remember?) is imprisoned next to him, and warns him not to sleep. It’s not long before Jace faces trial with Aldertree, but unfortunately he admits he’s in love with Clary more than a sister (!!!) and can’t pledge allegiance to the Clave, so he’s sentenced to live in that hell hole! Fortunately (or unfortunately), Valentine comes to “save” him. He kills Hodge and tries to force Jace to come along, but Jace takes out all his henchmen before Val gets away. Jace has nowhere to go but back to the Institute.

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If sentencing Jace to life in jail didn’t make you hate Aldertree, this will: he straps Rafael down and burns him all over his body with a concentrated UV ray! Raf is given 12 hours to deliver Camille to Idris or his whole clan will be burned alive. Luckily, Magnus agrees to help. While at his apartment, Simon shows up too with the box he got a few episodes ago. They plan to use it to summon Camille, but Magnus admits he loves her because she once saved him from killing himself. Finally, Magnus sends Simon and Raf away and summons her alone. She tries to talk him into letting her go, but he follows through on his promise and ship her off to Idris. Yay!

In order to break into the City of Bones, Valentine sent a demon into the Institute, and things got pretty messy. The demon was possessing people and making them try to kill each other, starting with Raj. He snapped Lydia’s arm like a twig! However, the worst part was when Alec gets possessed and kills Jocelyn, Clary’s mom! After a whole season of trying to find her, she’s taken from her daughter again. And just before that she was reassigned to Idris and Clary refused to go with her! It was so tragic. And when Jace sees Simon comforting her? We nearly died. Let’s hope we can get through the rest of the season without losing anyone else we love!

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