Michael Che Reveals Hilarious Texts After Girl Accuses Him Of Being Rude — See Receipts

He's just not that into you. Hopeless romantic Leah McSweeney swears Michael Che was rude to her through the dating app they were using, but texts submitted from the 'SNL' comedian himself suggest otherwise. Read them below and tell us what YOU think!

Michael Che Texts
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Ladies, if a man isn’t texting you back, HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. Memes, movies, books, even men themselves will tell us this over and over again. Yet for some reason, we have a hard time accepting it and keep trying for that date. That’s exactly what happened with Married To The Mob fashion designer Leah McSweeney. She was looking for love (or at least a romantic dinner) when she hit up Michael Che, 33, on a dating app. It starts out innocent enough with chitchat about food and NYC neighborhoods, but quickly takes a wrong turn. You can read their full conversation RIGHT HERE.

Just by reading the SNL comedian’s one-word answers, you can tell he’s not really feeling it. It gets weird that Leah sends him a picture of bread and asks, “Does that turn you on?” THEN, she brings up her RACE for the reason Michael isn’t replying. “You hate me cause I’m white,” texts Leah. She keeps on asking strange questions like “what did you eat today?” and “are you hungover?” to the point where Michael blatantly says, “I don’t want to meet up.”

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Instead of taking the rejection with a grain of salt, she gets defensive. “I’m a really good friend of Ciph’s. He said you were a cool dude. Or I’d never give you the time of day with your bizarre texting.” Sounds like SHE’S the one being rude — not him! But it doesn’t end there. A few days later, Leah texts him the podcast she recorded about “Improper Etiquette.” The designer bashes Michael on-air for being rude and a D-list celebrity. Michael doesn’t reply.

HollywoodLifers, who do YOU think is the rude one in this situation? Michael or Leah?

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