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‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Dillon King Upset To Be Painted As Amy Duggar’s Abusive Hubby

Don't believe everything you hear! In the season 7 trailer, Amy Duggar describes a man picking her up by the neck, whom many believed was hubby Dillon King. Now, HollywoodLife.com has EXCLUSIVELY learned just how shocked he feels by the hurtful rumors.

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Dillon King, 27, is setting the rumors straight. In this EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.com, Amy Duggar‘s, 27, husband reveals just how hurt he was to be mistakenly painted as an abusive partner. “I was kind of irritated only because it definitely made it look like it was me doing it,” he tells us, referring to the season 7 trailer that rehashes Amy’s traumatic past with a mystery man. “And for one, I was like there’s no way in heck this is me.”

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The dramatic tailer, which came out on Dec. 1, leaves fans with an emotional cliffhanger. Amy describes a moment with an unnamed man where “he picked me up by my throat all the way to the ceiling.” Some viewers thought she was talking about Dillon, launching a media frenzy that labelled him as abusive. Some headlines claimed Amy was a victim of domestic violence because of Dillon’s rumored actions. Amy eventually goes on to admit that Dillon did not do it.

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What’s even more shocking, is that Dillon had NO idea this horrific thing happened to Amy before getting on Marriage Boot Camp. “At boot camp, they split everybody up into groups, and they split your partners away from each other,” continues Dillon, “and so this was something that I didn’t even know got brought up. I really didn’t know that anything happened in the past.” It must have been incredibly difficult for Amy to shine a light on such a sensitive subject, but we’re so proud of her for facing her fears. Season 7 might just be the most shocking one yet!

HollywoodLifers, do you sympathize with Dillon for battling such nasty rumors?