Pentatonix Put On Incredible Performance At Carson Daly’s NYE Party

Do you hear those angels singing? It's actually the sound of Pentatonix, but same thing. Ending 2016 on a more blissful note, the a cappella group reminded us what the holidays are all about with their hit, 'New Year's Day.' Watch their NYE performance, here!

Pentatonix NYE Performance
Image Credit: Courtesy of NBC

No one does the holidays better than Pentatonix. Don’t believe us? Then you clearly haven’t listened to their Christmas albums — shame on you! Overly consumed with all the hectic last-minute party planning, it’s sometimes hard to remember that New Year’s Eve is a time to wipe the slate clean and give thanks for a fresh start. We all need that humble reminder from time to time, so it’s a good thing Pentatonix’s “New Year’s Day” gave it to us.

Dubbed the kings (and queen) of Christmas, Pentatonix have released three full holiday albums (PTXmas, That’s Christmas To Me, and A Pentatonix Christmas) since their musical debut in 2011. If we had to describe the group in one sentence, we’d say they’re a cooler, hipper, sexier version of the carol singers who ring doorbells in Christmas movies. We’re NOT hating on carolers in any way, but let’s be honest, when’s the last time you opened your door for them? Or even SAW them walking down the street?

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When we say Pentatonix are a cool group of singers, we MEAN IT! The a cappella group have used nothing but their dynamic voices to remake insane songs like Psy‘s techno-heavy “Gangnam Style” single, and if you haven’t hear their Star Wars song? You’re missing out big time! At the American Music Awards in 2015, Pentatonix sang the sci-fi movie’s score. Yes, we know there aren’t any words, but you know the music that comes on when Darth Vader enters a scene? THEY SANG THAT!

HollywoodLifers, was Pentatonix’s performance your favorite of the night? Comment below!

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