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‘The Royals’ Recap: Jasper & Eleanor Reveal Their True Feelings & [Spoiler] Returns

The Dec. 18 episode of 'The Royals' was a game-changer. After some drama, Eleanor and Jasper finally express how they really feel about each other, Liam and Catherine's romance heats up, and Helena discovers the truth about Liam and Eleanor's paternity.

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Liam and Catherine are full-on together, but there’s just one HUGE problem: Robert. He made the first move back in the day, but Liam was interested in her from the start. But how could he ever stand in the way of the future king of England? Now he’s gotten his chance, but things are about to get real complicated. Even though they feel a twinge of guilt concerning their relationship, it doesn’t stop Liam and Catherine from being together.

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Before he went missing, Robert had to keep his relationship with Catherine a secret. He was the heir, while Liam was the spare. Robert couldn’t date a commoner. He needed someone royal to become his queen.

After using Cyrus’ testicle to test Eleanor and Liam’s DNA, Helena discovers that Simon is their biological father. She apologizes for everything that has happened in the past year and hopes they can all have a fresh start. This paternity revelation means that Liam is the rightful heir. But he’s technically not since Robert is still alive!

Meanwhile, Jasper and Eleanor have some trouble expressing their feelings for one another in writing. They both go to James for help. Eleanor finds out that James has been basically writing Jasper’s letters, and she’s furious. Even though she did the same thing.

Jasper expresses his feelings for Eleanor to little Sarah Alice of all people. “She’s a real princess,” he says. “She does what she wants. She’s always true to herself, despite what anybody else thinks. That’s why people love her.” Eleanor overhears this adorable speech, clearly smitten.

Eleanor kisses Jasper passionately and says, “Don’t ever doubt your words again. They’re perfect. Just believe in them.” Cue a super hot Jaspenor makeout session we’ve been waiting for. “I’ve wanted this,” Jasper breathlessly tells Eleanor. “I want you. And only you.”

And… I’m dead. JASPENOR RULES!

Liam is pretty much freaking out that he’s about to be the new king. He goes the Catherine, and she’s certain this means their relationship is over. He swears he’s going to stay with her, even if he is the king. Well, everything is about to go up in flames. The final moments of the episodes feature ROBERT walking into the palace.

P.S. Elizabeth Hurley’s son, Damian, made his acting debut in the episode, playing the crown prince of Lichtenstein. He was outrageous and absolutely hilarious.

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