‘Younger’s Peter Hermann On Charles Falling ‘Deeply’ For Liza: They’re ‘So Good Together’

That. Was. Insane. Following the one-hour 'Younger' finale, HollywoodLife.com caught up with Peter Hermann (AKA, Charles) on all things Liza, the message on the bed, and yes, the song that always results in romance. Warning: spoilers ahead.

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In case you missed the season three finale of Younger, here’s a quick recap. (This is your final spoiler warning, by the way!) During a work trip to the Hamptons, Liza got closer with Charles — he told her he liked her and they kissed a few times, including once in front of her hotel room door. However, Josh had come to surprise her and saw them kissing. He quickly disappeared.

When she opened the door to her room, she stopped Charles and told him she needed to figure out things with Josh first; he looked in the room and saw that was true: Josh had spelled out “Marry Me” in rose pedals on the bed.

Liza later realized she really did love Josh, but it was too late: he told her he was done with her lies. With that, she told Kelsey about her age. And that’s how this season ended.

So is that the end of Charles and Liza? He did tell her that he didn’t want to interfere. But I wouldn’t completely close that door if I were you — Peter Hermann‘s not.

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HollywoodLife: It’s about time for that Liza/Charles kiss! Were you excited to read in the script you’d finally be exploring Liza & Charles more?
Peter: Knowing the way that the show works, I knew that when things looked promising, that there was another shoe lingering in the air waiting to come plummeting down . . . and surely enough, it did.

Charles told her he “liked her” but ultimately, he ended his last relationship because of her. So just how strong was that liking?
I always say, she just won’t leave his heart alone. If he really flung the doors wide open, then he would have much to say & would let himself fall head over heels and he doesn’t because there’s just so much in the way. I have to give credit to the writing that there are really good and solid obstacles in the way.

As a Charles & Liza fan, I was a little bummed to see the night end where it did. Would it have still ended then had the proposal not been there? 
I think that one of the things that I like about Charles is that he’s a very principled man. I thought about that — where that would have gone. We’re standing in front of her hotel room door. However, he’s been around long enough and he has enough wisdom in him, to know if he walks into that room and let’s one thing lead to another, maybe longterm that isn’t the right thing. He cares too much about her and what might be between them to enter too much into that territory.

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The back and forth has been going on all season between them. Why do you think Charles finally decided to make that move now?
To be honest, I don’t even see it as making a move; I don’t think he headed to the Hamptons hoping for an evening with Liza. It’s just the kind of thing — just like Maggie asks her and she says, it was equal parts gin and tonic and sea air. One thing led to another. One thing actually did just lead to another. And the another was very very nice. I think it is a combination of we’re not in NY, we have this festival behind us. Also that song — I hadn’t heard it in so long, and I listened to it after reading the script, and it’s like, when that plays, romance has to happen.

I think that the reasons not to pursue her, not to move forward with her also have their place in front of him. But there are moments when enough adds up to remove them, or to remove enough of them to take a step forward, or to accept a step forward from her. He went as far as to say ‘I like you,’ but that’s not enormously aggressive.

Longterm, what would be your hopes for Charles & Liza? I mean his kids already love her.
My hopes, the good and kind person I am, I wish her all the happiness in the world. I think that Charles’ heart speaks loudly. These two people are so good together! What she wakes up in him, and what he wakes up in her, is so beautiful and delightful and so much is unexplored. I would love for them to have the opportunity to just slowly and carefully and with the right timing, fall more deeply into each other.

At the end of the episode, Liza tells Kelsey. Do you think Charles will be next to find out?
I don’t know. What would he actually do when he finds out? Do I think that he’s next? In the consolation of the characters, there are not that many of us left who don’t know. So it’s definitely something I’ve thought about.

HollywoodLifers, are you Team Charles or Team Josh?

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