Kelly Rowland Reveals Son Titan, 2, Is BFFs With Blue Ivy — They’re Practically ‘Cousins’

Like mother, like child! While it's common knowledge that Kelly Rowland & Beyonce are besties for life, Kelly revealed in a recent interview that the same goes for her son Titan & Beyonce's girl Blue Ivy -- aw! In fact, Kelly even referred to the two toddlers as 'cousins' and called their friendship 'beautiful!' Find out why here.

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Kelly Rowland, 35, and Beyonce, 35, have one of the sweetest friendships in Hollywood. And it looks like their children, Titan Jewell Witherspoon, 2, and Blue Ivy Carter, 4, are following directly in their footsteps! When asked during a recent interview with March of Dimes sixth annual Celebrations of Babies luncheon, if little Titan is close to Blue, Kelly revealed that they’re beyond tight — even BFFs!

“They are extremely close, it is the sweetest thing!” Kelly told us. “It is the greatest thing about friendship when you are able to grow up together, and your children are able to grow up together — it’s just years upon years of beautiful friendship.” How sweet! We love that Kelly and Bey were able to share their childhood together and now they’re letting the same happen with their kids. Talk about the circle of life!

But while Titan and Blue are undeniably tight, one thing Kelly’s sure of is that she doesn’t want them to eventually date! “Oh no!” she exclaimed when asked if she thinks the two would ever develop a more romantic relationship in the future. “They act like cousins! They ARE cousins!” Their relationship is especially adorable because the two are both only children, making their friendship super similar to a sibling connection.

Who knows though, Titan may not be an only child for long! “One more is just fine,” Kelly shared with us when asked about plans to expand her fam. “I think [Titan] is a handful. He is two and tearing up the house and cussing me out and drawing on my walls and stressing me out. Oh my goodness but he is awesome, and I am so blessed to have him and his Dad is an excellent Dad and we have a nice little unit us three!”

Looks like Titan may have to wait a little longer for that possible sibling though, as Kelly DOES seem to have her hands full. When asked if she and her hubby Tim Witherspoon will have another baby as early as next year, Kelly laughed, “I don’t know about that! We will see what happens!”

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — do you think Kelly will have another child soon?

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