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‘The Royals’ Season 3: Max Brown Teases Prince Robert’s Big Return & More — Watch

Get ready for an all-new season of 'The Royals!' The hit show returns tonight, Dec. 4, and HollywoodLife.com sat down with Max Brown, a.k.a. Prince Robert, for an EXCLUSIVE interview. He previewed what's next for Robert, if he'll return to reclaim his rightful title, his thoughts on his family and more! Click to WATCH!

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Tell us a little bit about Prince Robert. He’s a bit of a mystery.
I think the show has touched on Robert throughout the first two seasons. You’ve seen flashbacks of him as a kid and they talk about him being this very strong character. He was obviously being groomed to be the next King of England, being the first born son of the Henstridges. As a character for me, he was someone who is very moralistic. It’s going to be very interesting season kind of discovering what kind of lying beneath the surface.

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What were his relationships with Eleanor, Liam, and Helena like before he went missing?
I think he had a really good relationship with all his family. I think him and Helena are really close and have a level of respect. Again, because he was the first born, she felt a lot more kind of attached to him and knew he was going to be the next King, so she was closer than she is with Eleanor and poor Liam, who she is quite mean to at times.

His sister, he’s obviously got that real big brother kind of attachment to her, so he’s got a really close relationship with Eleanor, which hopefully you’ll see within the season. And then Liam I think there’s always that brotherly love between brothers. There’s a lot of competition as well.

Eleanor is a bit of a wild child. How would Robert feel about Eleanor’s shenanigans?
It’s an interesting question. I think because of the way Robert’s been brought up he hasn’t been allowed to kind of partake in those kind of activities. He;s always had that sense of responsibility weighed heavy on his shoulders. For him, he probably looks at her and lives vicariously through her in some aspects. He probably disapproves with some of it but I think you know if you were in the royal family but you didn’t have the pressures of the next heir you would have a lot of fun.

What’s next for Robert?
I can’t say much because I don’t want to spoil anything for the season, but you kind of start to see flashes of him in the show and what’s going on in his head, what drives him as a man, and whether he’s going to live up to this responsibility that is weighing on his shoulders

How do you think Robert would react to Cyrus being King, which his rightful title?
So much has gone on while he’s been away, so I think for Robert his relationship with Uncle Cyrus was quite close. He was close to his father, so he doesn’t know this twisted side to him or to the extent that it’s become. It’s going to be really interesting throughout the season if he does come back whether he’ll discover that side to him and how he deals with these different people.

Could there be a romance on the horizon?
He’s really got to try and get his head around, you know, this expectation of him to come back and be the next King of England. He, obviously, while he’s been away his father has died and he doesn’t know about that. So there’s lots of information that he’s got to process and think through. You’ll see him kind of grow as a character, and I hope  you’ll kind of understand why he makes the decisions that he does.

The Royals season 3 premieres Dec. 4 at 10 p.m. ET on E!

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