‘Gilmore Girls’ Summer Recap: Jess’ Advice Leads To Rory Clashing With Lorelai

Summertime doesn't bring a whole lot of happiness for Rory and Lorelai. In the third installment of the 'Gilmore Girls' revival, Rory and Lorelai have one of their nastiest fights yet, Rory makes a decision about her relationship with Logan, and Lorelai goes out on her own -- again!

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April’s back in town, and she’s still as annoying as ever. She’s doing some traveling this summer before grad school. Lorelai offers to help Luke with money for April, but he swears he’s got it.

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Rory calls Logan and wants to head back over to London sooner than she thought. Logan is a little hesitant about Rory’s idea, because Odette is in town. Rory is basically a mistress. Don’t be like this, Rory. If he’s not going to break things off with Odette for you, then leave Logan in the dust. Later, Rory decides to break things off with Logan even though they were never together to start with.

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Taylor is organizing Stars Hollow: The Musical and it has the town buzzing. Lorelai’s therapist, Claudia, is even auditioning. Taylor has found his leading lady, and she’s played by none other than Sutton Foster! Lorelai is on the advisory board and witnesses the first rehearsal. It’s like a knockoff Hamilton. At a advisory board meeting later, Carole King is there!

When Rory learns the Stars Hollow Gazette is going under, she offers to be the editor. The job gives Rory some purpose when she needs it the most. Rory and Lorelai deliver the first paper under Rory’s direction, and everyone gets pissed that she took out the poem.

While Rory’s at the office, Jess walks in. He looks better than ever. He’s in town for “mom maintenance” after she accidentally joined a cult. Rory spills about how’s she in a rut. She’s got no real job, no money, no credit. Jess offers to lend her the money because he’s the sweetest. Rory thinks she’s a failure. Jess tells Rory to write about her and her mom. No one else has a story quite like Rory and Lorelai. She’s also the only person who can write it. Rory loves the idea. Ugh, why can’t Rory and Jess be together!

It’s Never Or Now

Rory is worried about Emily. No one’s really heard from her. When Rory goes to the house, she finds a TV tray in the living room. The girls all agree to visit Richard’s gravestone together. Lorelai arrives at Emily’s and a man named Jack is at Emily’s side. He’s a friend of Richard. Lorelai is baffled. Emily’s not the kind of person to just sit back and be alone for the rest of her life. She needs companionship, and she refuses to apologize for that.

Lorelai, Rory, and Emily visit Richard’s new gravestone (it’s the fifth one), and Emily still doesn’t like it. For Christ’s sake, there needs to be double quotation marks around the Longfellow quote! As Rory and Lorelai are fixing Richard’s flowers, Rory tells Lorelai about the book idea. Lorelai hates the idea and will not give her blessing. Lorelai takes her bad mood back to Stars Hollow and fights with Luke at the diner. Lorelai is clearly feeling restless. Everyone is moving forward — Rory, Michel, Emily — but she’s not. After reading Wild, she decides she going to walk the Pacific Crest Trail. When Luke asks her why, she says, “Because it’s never or now.”

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