‘Gilmore Girls’ Winter Recap: Emily & Lorelai Fight At Richard’s Funeral

The Gilmore girls are back! The first episode -- 'Winter' -- of 'Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life' premiered on Nov. 25 and featured many fan favorites and a touching tribute to Richard Gilmore. However, Emily and Lorelai had their worst fight ever while saying goodbye to the patriarch.

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Winter in Stars Hollow, there’s nothing like it. Rory’s back in Stars Hollow for one day. She has to hop on a red eye back to London. So, coffee and tacos it is! Rory gets a call from work and has to run to Doose’s Market to get service. There, she runs into Lane!

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While Lorelai is waiting for Rory outside, Kirk walks up with his pet pig Petal. He wants to let her know that he’s started a new business — Ooober. It’s just like Uber. Only it’s Ooober. Oh, Kirk…

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After Rory’s finished, snow begins to fall in Stars Hollow. The Town Troubadour is playing, just like old times. Rory and Lorelai head home. Luke is making dinner, but the girls are chowing down on tacos and powdered donuts. As Rory is going through her things, she realizes she invited her BOYFRIEND Paul dinner. I don’t even know him but I hate him.

Luke is griping about the dozens of Lifetime Movie Classics Lorelai has put on the DVR as they get ready for bed. Lorelai wakes up in the middle of the night to find Rory tap dancing. After grabbing some coffee, the girls sit down and talk. Lorelai admits she’s feeling her mortality lately. Rory asks if it’s because of Richard. Lorelai tries to act like it’s not, but she’s still grieving.

In the morning, they go to Luke’s and there are new menus with Rory’s New Yorker piece on the back. Paul shows up at Luke’s. Apparently, he was at the house the whole time last night. Rory just forgot about him. He doesn’t want any breakfast. He’s not a breakfast person. Yeah, he needs to go. Rory, this guy is beneath you.

There’s a new chef, Roy, at the Dragonfly Inn since Sookie went on a 6-month sabbatical a year ago. Michel is holding a major grudge against Sookie. When Roy moves the coffee maker in the kitchen, Lorelai is done with him.

Lorelai’s car is on it’s last legs, so she had to take Kirk’s Ooober to Emily’s house. When Lorelai and Rory walk into the living room, there’s a huge portrait of Richard. And by huge, I mean HUGE!

Lorelai and Rory take a seat and reflect on Richard’s funeral. Richard’s death devastated all three of them. At the Gilmore house, Emily brings Richard’s closest friends together to listen to “Bye Bye Blackbird.” Emily tells the group to tell their favorite story about Richard. When it’s Lorelai’s turn, she freaks and tells an embarrassing story that really has nothing to do with Richard. Emily’s eyes are like daggers. She’s furious that Lorelai would “dishonor” Richard like that. That’s when Emily and Lorelai have the fight of all fights.

“You blow through life like a natural disaster knocking down everything and everyone on your path,” Emily screams. Emily thinks Lorelai is selfish and “couldn’t care less” about losing her father. That cut Lorelai deep. “You’re horrible,” Lorelai says. She storms out but before she leaves to utters three big words to Emily: “Full freakin’ circle.”

Kirk has to have dinner with the Gilmores because his car broke down at the end of the driveway. Luke arrives to pick them up. He tries to take a seat in Richard’s chair, but Emily stops that from happening real quick.

Lorelai can’t get what Emily said to her about Luke to her during their fight. She asks Luke if he wants another kid. He says he has April and Rory. He doesn’t press the issue. He just wants Lorelai to be happy. They go to look at surrogates and PARIS is the owner of the clinic. She’s got more a bite than ever, especially after her divorce from Doyle. She wants a personal hand in Lorelai and Luke’s case since Lorelai was like a second mom. After Paris’ talk about his junk and potential surrogates, Luke freaks and runs out. Paris isn’t going down without a fight. She shows up at Luke’s with two potential surrogates to close the deal. “I’m the Pablo Escobar of the fertility world,” she says.

Meanwhile, Rory’s in London working on writing a book. She’s staying with LOGAN! They refuse to talk about the time they slept together, but they still kiss like a married couple. And, yes, Rory is still sort of with that dweeb Paul.

Lorelai goes to Emily’s house to check on her. They haven’t really talked — just the two of them — since Richard’s funeral. When she walks in, Lorelai gets the shock of her life. Emily Gilmore has on a Candie’s t-shirt and jeans. She’s purging through her stuff after reading a self-help boy. Everything that doesn’t bring her joy has to go. There’s even talk of “body-shipping cash.” (You don’t want to know.) Lorelai doesn’t think Emily is handling her grief the right way and offers up therapy. Well, Emily takes Lorelai up on her offer, but wants Lorelai to come with her!

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