Channing Tatum & Neil Patrick Harris Have Epic Tap Dance-Off On Jimmy Kimmel ‘RED’ Show

Wow! With so much talent under one roof for Jimmy Kimmel's second annual RED Shopathon, we were bound to get some one of a kind moments. You've got to check out how Neil Patrick Harris and Channing Tatum wound up having a killer tap dance battle during a fun song about giving!

So epic! Jimmy Kimmel really knows how to do things big, and he shot for the stars with his second annual RED Shopathon to benefit AIDS research Nov. 22. He had a group of pals including Julia Roberts, Channing Tatum, Neil Patrick Harris, Kristen BellHalsey,The Killers, and DJ Khaled stop by to help get us in the festive shopping mood for a good cause, and naturally song and dance was for sure going to break out. They had a “Rat Pack” kind of moment where they sang a song about how much awesome rich people stuff they have and, “If we don’t help people with AIDS, we’re going to Hell!”

While sitting around in a snowy white and red lounge, a sweetly bossy Julia asked NPH for a little soft-shoe number in the middle of the tune and wouldn’t ya know it, the Broadway sensation actually had his tap shoes on! He got off his stool to give the audience a perfect dance routine and recruited Channing to help out in the fun. Man, these two guys have some seriously mad skills! The only problem as Jimmy pointed out is that they did their tap number on a fluffy carpet so we couldn’t hear any of their clicky action. But the host told them not to worry, they’d add the sound in post-production. HAH!

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The whole gang then headed over to a giant grand piano where they took turns singing the crazy holiday song as a group. Jimmy used his best Frank Sinatra impression to lead off singing “about lobster tails, caviar and truffles by the pound,” while Kristen then chimed in, “they serve it on fine china and I smash it on the ground.” They kept reminding us of all the swag stuff they have via song and reminded us that if they don’t help people with AIDS they’re going to Hell!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of NPH and Channing’s adorable dance-off? Who do you think won?

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