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‘HTGAWM’ Winter Finale: [SPOILER] Is Under The Sheet

No one saw that coming! The person #UnderTheSheet was finally revealed on the winter finale of 'How To Get Away With Murder.' One of the show's most beloved characters met a very fiery end. Find out what went down now. WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

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WES IS DEAD. WES IS UNDER THE SHEET! The previous episode left us thinking it was probably Nate who died in the fire, but showrunner Pete Nowalk pulled a fast one on us. Nate was in Annalise’s house at one point, but not when the fire started. Nate arrived at the hospital to examine the body, and it was WES! Nate visited Annalise in prison in the show’s final moments and told her that Wes was dead before the fire. Wes was MURDERED!

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Earlier in the episode, Annalise told Frank to pull the trigger on the gun he had pointed at himself. He was too “sick and depraved” to live. Bonnie begged Frank not to kill himself. He was being torn apart by the two most important women in his life right now. Bonnie brought up the night they spent together. She said it meant everything to her. Annalise soon realized what went down between Bonnie and Frank, and she was disgusted and likely jealous. Bonnie was able to pry the gun from Frank’s hands. “You should have done it,” Annalise said to Frank.

Nate and Annalise had a nasty fight. He told her to stay away from him. This sent Annalise over the edge. She started binge drinking in the middle of the day and began burning all the files the could incriminate her. She truly thought she was about to finally meet her karma. Annalise went to Bonnie’s place to come off her bender. Bonnie took care of her, just like she always does.

Annalise called everyone to the house. Nate went to Annalise’s house and found the door open. He found the gold statue and all the files that could take Annalise and everyone else down. Annalise went to Oliver and asked him to hack the DA’s office. Laurel made it to the house before everyone else. As the camera panned out, the house exploded *supposedly* with Laurel inside.

Annalise found her house up in flames. Before she was arrested, she gave Oliver her phone so he could wipe it clean. Annalise’s first call was to Bonnie. Frank called Bonnie from outside Annalise’s house. Bonnie was the one to tell Frank that Laurel is pregnant.

Oliver tried calling Connor’s phone, but it was at Michaela’s place. Laurel wrote Wes’ name down on a sheet of paper after waking up. Oliver, Michaela, and Asher were freaking out on Bonnie, begging her to tell him who died. Oliver showed up at the hospital. Whew. He was safe! What an episode. Now, how are we supposed to wait until 2017 to get answers?!

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