Luke Rockhold: Demi Lovato’s BF Kicked Off ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ For Being Lewd

Yikes! Demi Lovato better keep her new boyfriend Luke Rockhold in check, because the UFC fighter is such a bad boy he got kicked off 'Millionaire Matchmaker!' Keep reading for the incredibly lewd and disrespectful question he asked his date.

We hope Demi Lovato, 24, isn’t a big reality TV fan because her boyfriend Luke Rockhold, 32, made a disastrous and gross appearance seeking love on Millionaire Matchmaker in 2015. When he went on the show he said he was looking for a girlfriend, but he’s seen on tape questioning a contestant on their very first date about her oral sex habits! “Would you rather swallow or spit, girl?” he’s seen asking brunette Kara as he nuzzles in closely from behind while holding her hand. The poor girl is clearly unnerved, telling him that the question is “inappropriate.” Uh, yeah! That’s a total understatement.

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Host Patti Stanger, 55, becomes completely unglued in her follow-up date interview with Kara, who revealed his crude comment, telling the matchmaker, “I think he’s just used to girls who will give it up.” Patti is clearly disgusted, telling her “He’s a UFC dog, he needs to be curbed,” and she isn’t kidding! She brings Luke in for a sit down to discuss his date and you can practically see daggers coming out of her eyes.

Pics: Luke Rockhold — Demi Lovato’s sexy new boyfriend

Luke describes how the date went well then indicated that his lavalier mic has fallen off. A technician comes in to fix it and for some unfathomable reason he reaches over and starts rubbing the small of Patti’s recruiting director Candace Smith‘s back. She mouths “He’s touching me” with a creeped out look and Patti calls him out on it. He denies it then says he was only joking, but then Patti really takes him to task! He says he really was trying to find “the one” then she cuts him down hard, telling him “How can you find the one if you’re being weird and rude.” She then reveals in a confessional that, “Every fear I have of Luke is coming to fruition. He’s totally a dog, like woof woof woof!” Needless to say, she didn’t give him another shot at love.

For Luke’s part, he later told TMZ about the appearance that, “I tried to have a good time, but they made me look bad, I’m not going to lie.” He chalked it up to a hatchet job, saying “editing is a b*tch.” However he did reveal that he got a huge new audience of women hitting him up on his social media, revealing “They don’t say they spit, to put it that way.” Ewww!!!!!

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