Nicole Byer Gets Candid About Donald Trump: ‘He Doesn’t Know What Black People Are’

Comedian Nicole Byer's life has changed a ton over the past few years, and is now on her own show based on her life. The 'Loosely Exactly Nicole' star sat down with for our podcast to share all things Trump, dating, and drunk dialing.

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Here are a few highlights of this week’s podcast where we spoke with Nicole Byer!

On Donald Trump:
“The way he talks about us he’s like, ‘these dark people.’ And I hate that he puts ownership over it, [like] ‘that’s my African-American’ and then some black dude is waving happily. I truly don’t get poor people for Donald Trump because he hasn’t paid taxes in 18 years, which means you paid his taxes! So what makes you think this rich man — who wasn’t helping you before — is trying to help you now. He’s not.

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On Donald’s ‘pu–y grabbing’ comments:
“There’s a video of Donald Trump singing Hillary Clinton‘s praises and now he’s like she’s a crook [and] she belongs in jail. My favorite thing was the next day, the ‘pu–y grabbing video’ came out, and I was like, ‘What a hypocrite!’ Also how awful to have a burnt little orange pumpkin grab your pu–y I would be so angry.”

On dating different ages:
“Age ain’t nothing but a number, I don’t like them super super old. 50 is very old to me. I’m not trying to date a 17-year-old, I want to grown-a– person. But [Kylie Jenner] was a 17-year-old millionaire, so she was a grown ass person. I would like to know what the f-ck is up with Tyga — like does he have the biggest d-ck in the game?”

On sexting & sending nudes:
Why not be titillating before you see him? Also if he promises to do something and he doesn’t, you can show him the receipts. Why not give a little sneak peek of what you’re serving? I tend to say keep your face out of it, but also people shouldn’t be hacking into other people’s phones! Who cares if you send a naked picture? Why not? You only have the body for a short time before it gets all old and nasty!

Listen to our entire interview with Nicole above!

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