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It's a battle to get out of the basement as the Jacksonville Jaguars travel to play AFC South rival Tennessee, with the Titans desperate to get their mojo back. You can tune in to see if they can turn their season around in front of the hometown fans at Nissan Stadium and we've got your live stream details.

Nobody wants to be in last place in the weakest division, so the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans have a lot on the line. The 2-4 Jags actually showed some promise finally with back to back wins against the Colts and Bears, only revert back to their losing ways at home against the Raiders with a 33-16 drubbing. Tennessee at 3-4 needs to get QB Marcus Mariota, 22, back on track after his admittedly lazy play cost them a win against Indy in week seven.  The Titans a hungry for a victory in order to keep hopes of a winning season alive so tune in to see which team will step it up when the game kicks off at 8:25pm EST Oct. 27. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE JAGUARS VS. TITANS LIVE STREAM or check it out via the NFL’s MOBILE APP.

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Marcus knows he has to be more accurate with his throws, especially after the Indy loss where he had trouble hitting his receivers. “It just kind of comes back to me being lazy with my feet. When I’m aggressive and things are moving quick and my feet are in place, I’m a better, more accurate thrower,” he said after the defeat. “When I get lazy and try to throw off my back foot, I tend to miss throws high, and that’s what happened in the game.”

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His coach Mike Mularkey vowed that his passer would be put through the motions hard so that he steps things up against Jacksonville. “I think, hopefully, (it will be fixed) quickly with the Thursday night game. There are multitudes of drills that (quarterbacks coach) Jason Michael puts him through. Things that he needs to work on, they’ll work on it more. That’s everybody. When you see something in a game, that’s the beauty of game film. What do I need to get better at the next week? They’ll press that more than anything.” We’ll be watching to see if all of Marcus’ hard work pays off with a win!

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