‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Aladdin’s Fate Is Revealed & Emma Confesses

The Oct. 23 episode of 'Once Upon A Time' featured the epic backstory of Aladdin and Jasmine. But where was he in the present day? Plus, was Emma forced to reveal her secret to Hook?

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We’re in the capital of Agrabah many years ago, so you know what that means… ALADDIN! Our favorite street rat is up to mischief as expected, while Jafar turns people into legitimate street rats. Aladdin makes a clean getaway until he crosses paths with Jasmine.

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She wants to hire him to help her defeat Jafar. He’s not really into it. He claims to only care about himself. But we all know that’s not true. Jasmine makes a scene to persuade him to help her. He spots a red bird in the distance. Emma’s chasing that same red bird in the forest with Archie until they stumble upon a very dead Oracle. They find Jasmine nearby. She swears she didn’t hurt the Oracle. During her talk with Emma and Charming, she reveals that Aladdin was once the savior. That really piques Emma’s interest.

Back in Agrabah, Aladdin and Jasmine go to the Cave of Wonders. Jasmine is so sassy. It’s amazing. Aladdin and Jasmine fight and bicker just like we knew they would. Aladdin thinks Jasmine is talking crazy until he’s able to open the door to the cave. They find the “diamond in the rough” and the cave begins collapsing. Aladdin is able to protect Jasmine with magic he didn’t know he had. Turns out, she had a feeling about his magic. She knows he’s meant to be the savior.

Jafar shows up and that little red bird shows Aladdin his future, a.k.a. his death. Jafar reveals there is one way to alter a savior’s destiny, and it’s with gold shears that belonged to the Three Fates. Later, Jafar traps Jasmine, but Aladdin rides in on the magic carpet (!) to save her.

Saviors, Saviors Everywhere

The Evil Queen is waiting for Archie when he returns to his office. She openly confesses to murdering the Oracle, and now she wants Archie to tell her Emma’s visions. When he protests, she transforms into him! The Evil Queen ties up the real Archie and leaves him with Zelena.

Fake Archie gets right down to business and finds Emma. Poor Emma. She spills the beans immediately about Aladdin being another savior who is still alive. Emma word vomits all over Fake Archie and reveals her hopes that maybe she doesn’t have to tell her loved one about her deadly vision. Well, Fake Archie/Evil Queen takes that information and uses it against Emma. Fake Archie forces Emma to reveal her secret to her family, in hopes that it will tear everyone apart.

Emma tells Regina that she’s not there in the vision, letting Regina know that she may be the person under the hood. Snow forgives Emma for not telling anyone her secret, but she’s not so sure how Hook’s going to take it. As the family drama weakens, the gang realizes that the Evil Queen has Archie. Meanwhile, Jasmine feels guilty for putting Aladdin on the path to being a savior. Henry knows how she feels. He did the same thing with Emma.

He’s Baaaackkk

The Evil Queen is using her downtime to manipulate Zelena over manicures. She tells Zelena that Regina and the gang will never accept her for who she truly is: Wicked. And then the Evil Queen goes for the jugular. “You are strong and powerful and wicked, but your daughter wont embrace who you really unless you embrace yourself first,” the Evil Queen says.

Henry is guilt-tripping about making Emma become the savior, but she assures him that she doesn’t have any regrets. Aladdin shows up out the blue, finally making his grand entrance. Jafar gave him the gold shears long ago, and Aladdin used them. Agrabah fell as a result. Aladdin has been in Storybrooke this whole time. Jasmine finds him and tells Aladdin that Agrabah is in terrible danger. Agrabah needs its savior. Well, this is awkward.

Emma gives the gold shears to Hook. She doesn’t want them to get into the wrong hands. She trusts him to do the right thing. They kiss and makeup, but it seems like Hook is holding something back. Guess we’ll find out next week!

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