Selena Gomez: Smoking Cigarettes May Be Triggering Her Flare-Ups — Doctor Speaks

Is Selena Gomez causing her Lupus flare-ups? After she was spotted smoking a cigarette outside of her rehab facility on Oct. 18, we found out that cigs might not be the best for Selena. Get the EXCLUSIVE scoop straight from a doctor, here!

Selena Gomez Smoking Cigarettes
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“Smoking complicates and increases the negative effects of Lupus,” Dr. Bruce Lee, M.D., explained to EXCLUSIVELY. “The most positive lifestyle change Selena could make is to quit smoking cigarettes. It causes too much stress on the body and stress is what causes Lupus flare-ups. Smoking cigarettes also increases the risk of chronic bronchitis, and makes it harder to manage the symptoms of Lupus.”

Uh-oh, we may have found the source of Selena’s problems! It’s unclear how many cigarettes Selena, 24, smokes per day, but no matter what, smoking is not helping her Lupus diagnosis. So even if Selena’s time in rehab is helping her anxiety and depression, she may be prolonging her recovery process — which Sel nor fans probably would want!

When Selena initially announced that she’s taking some time off to deal with the issues related to her Lupus, she told fans “I want to be proactive and focus on maintaining my health and happiness.” While her happiness is seemingly doing really well (she’s still totally up for taking pictures with fans!), Selena might not be so successful in getting her health where it needs to be. Sure, the cigarettes might not be the sole cause of her Lupus flaring up, but according to Dr. Lee, it would definitely benefit her to stop smoking!

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Selena did appear to be doing well when she was pictured outside of her Tennessee rehab facility on Oct. 18, so hopefully we’ll continue seeing pics of her looking that way. Let’s just hope there’s not a cigarette around next time!

HollywoodLifers, do you think Selena’s smoking habits are what’s causing her Lupus to be so bad? Do you hope she stops smoking? Tell us below!

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