‘Scream Queens’ Recap: ‘Til Death Do Us Part . . . Literally

A wedding and a beheading, all in one hour. 'Scream Queens' got bloodier than ever this week and included the most shocking death yet. Spoilers ahead.

Scream Queens
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Let’s start at the beginning. The Chanels, as well as Munsch decided to hide Tyler’s body, er, throw him in the swamp to kick off this week’s episode and Randy, the always-afraid patient finally got to live fear-free, you know, until he was killed. Yes, everyone who has been cured (or almost) has died.

So now, it was back to hunt for the killer: Hester still refused to say anything except drop a hint that led the Chanels, Munsch, Zayday and Denise to see a nurse who was alive during the original 1986 Halloween party; he was friends with Nurse Thomas (Laura Bell Bundy), and she revealed to him that she had dumped  the pregnant woman’s husband who was thrown in the swamp. So, they put it all together — the baby would now be 30, and Munsch assumed that with the size, it would be a male. So, she turned her suspicion Chad Radwell.

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Speaking of Chad, he proposed to Chanel. Yes, really. He didn’t want her with Dr. Holt and after Munsch found out that the killer was probably 30, she looked past his killer hand. Yes, Chad even asked Holt to be his best man so that he wouldn’t let him leave her at the altar.

That wasn’t the only romance in the air. When treating a patient who couldn’t stop orgasming, Chanel No. 3 (Billie Lourd) revealed to Cascade (Taylor Lautner) she had never had an orgasm, and he revealed he was actually dead after choking on his own vomit. He literally lived at 61 degrees. So he thought maybe his “purpose” was to make her orgasm. And now they’re in love. Oh and he cured the patient, but she was beheaded by the green devil on her way out of the hospital. He/she also stabbed Chamberlin, but did not touch Zayday.

So they have to do something: Hester’s hint was helpful so they brought her to live in the basement of the hospital, all Hannibal Lector style. And the next morning was time for Chanel’s wedding — except the groom was late. His body fell threw the ceiling at the end of the episode. Yes, it looks like Chad. Is. Dead. Now he’ll never get that second wedding. So, he’s really dead?

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