‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Emma & Hook Take The Next Step In Their Relationship

Emma is still keeping her deadly vision a secret from Hook. When will she tell him? On the Oct. 9 episode of 'Once Upon A Time,' Emma, Hook and Henry have to scramble to help Cinderella before it's too late.

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Regina, Snow and Charming go see Hyde to try and get him to talk. When they walk in his cell, the Evil Queen had already staked her claim.

At Granny’s, Cinderella/Ashley brings her daughter, Alexandra, along and Hook starts playing with her while Cinderella starts looking through the list of people from the Land of Untold Stories. It is the cutest thing you will ever witness. Emma looks over and immediately knows that Hook would make such a good dad. Give us a Captain Swan baby, please!

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In a flashback, Cinderella is living with her evil stepmother and stepsisters. The girls get the coveted invitation to the ball, and Cinderella wonders if she’ll be able to go. She pulls out her mother’s dress and offers to wear it. Lady Tremaine then has Clarenda throw her mother’s dress into the FIRE! She is a savage. Cinderella cries over the last remaining piece of her mother when she notices a key. Her mother once told her about the Land of Untold Stories, and she ponders escaping there.

Cinderella makes her way to the ball in her gorgeous blue gown. She runs into Snow White at the ball and dances with Prince Thomas. They hit it off right away. After their amazing dance together, she sees Prince Thomas talking with Clarenda off to the side of the dance floor. Cinderella’s evil stepmother tells her that Prince Thomas and Clarenda are making fun of her. Her evil stepmother easily gets under her skin, causing her to run away, leaving her glass slipper behind.

Back at the house, Cinderella uses her mother’s key to unlock her wardrobe. She’s ready to go to the Land of Untold Stories but Clarenda shows up. She reveals that she’s not marrying Prince Thomas, she’s marrying his footman. She apologizes for everything she’s done and said to her over the years. But they’ve both been a prisoner inside that house. Clarenda promises that Prince Thomas loves her and was looking all over the kingdom for her.

Emma runs to Archie’s office to talk about her feelings. She talks about seeing Ashley’s perfect life and perfect family. She’s struggling with keeping the secret of her deadly vision from her family and Hook. She wants to move in with Hook and take the next step, but there’s just something holding her back. “He deserves a future, and I can’t give that to him,” she says.

A worried Prince Thomas finds Emma on the street and begs for her help. Cinderella has gone missing. She found Clarenda on the Land of Untold Stories list, and he thinks Cinderella is going to kill her!

Wicked Sister

Meanwhile, Jekyll is helping Regina, Snow and Charming figure out how to kill the Evil Queen. While Regina’s off with Jekyll, Snow admits to Charming that she misses teaching. Emma finds Hook and Henry play-fighting with sticks, and it’s adorable. Hook as a stepdad? Everything. She needs their help finding Cinderella!

Hook, Emma and Henry find Ashley. She doesn’t want to hurt Clarenda, she wants to help her. Cinderella says she was the wicked sister long ago. Ashley gets away and the Evil Queen shows up. She throws barbs at Emma right away. “I want you to see how pointless you are,” the Evil Queen spits.

Charming goes to Belle on the Jolly Roger and brings her the tape he got from Rumple. He wants answers about his father and is willing to do anything to get it.

Glass & Evil Can Cut Deep

The evil stepmother shows up in Cinderella’s room demanding to know where Clarenda ran off to. Once again, she doesn’t believe Prince Thomas truly loves Cinderella. “You look like a trashbin and have the education of my cat,” she growls. She threatens to break the glass slipper if Cinderella doesn’t tell her where Clarenda went. Cinderella breaks and the evil stepmother drops the glass slipper anyway.

Cinderella’s evil stepmother locks her away, so Prince Thomas won’t be able to find her. Snow is with Prince Thomas, so the evil woman’s wicked game is short-lived. They find her, and he proposes right then and there.

Just as Clarenda and Jacob are about to go to the Land of Untold Stories, Lady Tremaine shows up and knocks Jacob out. Clarenda reverts to her wicked ways and calls Cinderella a “filthy little rat.” Lady Tremaine strips Clarenda of her happy ending and takes her to the Land of Untold Stories.

Back in Storybrooke, Ashley finds Clarenda and it looks like she’s hurt. But it’s just a ruse. The evil stepmother shows up and points Cinderella’s gun right in her stepdaughter’s face.

Lady Tremaine threatens to kill her own daughter and Jacob. Lady Tremaine doesn’t think shooting someone is “personal enough,” so she STABS Cinderella! Emma tries to help her but she can’t stop shaking. With a little pep talk from Henry, Emma saves Cinderella.

Snow brings Regina and Jekyll to Whale’s lab so Jekyll can work. Snow mentions that she wants Jekyll and Whale to teach! That’ll be interesting… Later, Snow pleads with Charming to avenge his father’s death after learning he’d been murdered. It looks like he’s going to follow what Snow wants, but he doesn’t. Oh, Charming, don’t do this!

After some thought, Emma asks Hook to move in with her. She’s ready to make some space for some black leather in her closet. They kiss and he says YES!

The episode ends with Belle giving in and playing Rumple’s tape he made for their son. There’s still hope for Rumbelle! The Evil Queen and Hyde have a meeting. She wants his help, and he wants out. She releases him! This should be fun!

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